Friday, December 5, 2008

Just Dance; For Free @ Ikea

Lady GaGa will be performing a concert in San Diego for free this Sunday (12/07/08 @ 1:00 pm)...she's chosen an interesting venue to perform in...the IKEA parking lot...that should be interesting!

To get into the "concert venue" to watch her perform, Lady is asking that you bring a new, unwrapped toy. Wish I could make this show, but I can't! Grrr!!



Doghigh said...

I passed her walking around my 'hood a couple weeks back. She looked all hipster'd out with an equally hipstr'd lad in skinny pants so skinny he basically waddled rather than walked.

Not a story so much as an anectdote - do with it what you will ;p

Wonder Man said...

I love that's cute