Friday, January 16, 2009

The Husband Has 2 Faces

I really try to limit how much I talk about the workplace on this blog, but I ain't got a thing to write about today, so I'll gossip about a coworker.

I really like the people I work with. My only complaint would be that they're just so quiet. No one really talks on the phone (to friends, tricks, or relatives)'s very business like here. Such a foreign concept to me. If I need to make a personal phone call and don't want the surrounding neighbors to hear about my latest prescription refill, I'll usually call from a conference room.

Anyhoo....this morning, coworker A was talking to coworker B about how badly his wife manages her money and how wasteful she is. He really cut into her character and attacked her level of taste. He went into a very detailed description of all of the "crap" gifts she bought for the family this Christmas. I couldn't believe how cruel he was being to her. He even asked coworker B if he's ever heard the phrase "the fool and his money are soon parted?"...well, according to A, that phrase was coined specifically for his wife.

It's really sad that he'd slam his own wife like that in front of all of his coworkers (he has a very loud, booming voice, sits at the far end of our office, but we all heard him). A coworker that sits directly next to me sent me an email asking me if it was ok if he threw the first punch.

I'm really glad that I didn't buy him that fruitcake for Christmas, afterall.


Big Daddy said...

I've gone whole days without speaking to my co-workers.

I communicate via email and IM.


Shirley! said...

That was all very "Do you want to hear something about someone you DON'T know?"

He sounds like an asshole. You should call his wife and rat him out. After all, who's he gonna blame? I say do it.

Gary said...

Hi, Stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year. I was on here earlier today catching up a bit. Love the new blog look too but your blog always looked good.

I'll be back...

Anthony said...

I bet you don't want to hear what I say about you ...... :p

cb said...

Oh, I sorta like the fact that he launched on a tirade. Mainly for the blogability of it all!

Anonymous said...

What a douche!
I am kind of prick so I would probably send him a nice little message letting him know what a jerk he sounded like. You should prank him just for being an ass. Rub some cream cheese under his desk drawer and wait for it to go sour. Ass clown.