Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekend Update


On Friday night, I FINALLY got to meet a local celebrity blogger, Greg, from A Life in The Day blog fame. Greg invited me to join himself, his really sweet boyfriend, CM, and a bunch of their friends to watch a midnight viewing of the movie, Xanadu. I haven't seen this movie since, well, since I was VERY young and forgot just how GAY it was. The movie, as a work of cinema , is pretty crappy (with gawd-awful special effects), but the experience of watching it with a group of rowdy people (and friends) made the experience so much fun.

I think Greg was being hit on while we were standing outside the theater (right in front of CM too...the nerve!), before the movie began, but I'll let you read all about that on his blog...Of course, I left the camera at home, so we're just going to have to have another blogger meetup so that I can document the experience on digital film. Thanks for the invite Greg (and tell CM I said hello).

Saturday night I got my sushi fix at Aki Sushi in Long Beach...for real, the baked salmon roll was D'lish (and huge)...I also ordered the "Seal Beach Roll" which sorta tasted like a garden salad with a whole lotta Krab (yup, with a K). I made 2 cosmos for myself later that night that were sheer perfection and then put my old, tired butt to bed early (kinda nice for a change).

Sunday was the usual running errands, Target shopping for misc supplies, washing my dirty chonies, etc, etc....I was supposed to take down Christmas (including the still-very-green-and-fresh-tree), but I guess that'll just have to wait until Valentine's Day...hey, I'm really busy.


Greg said...

I'm glad you could make it so we could finally meet!

And Cardigan Man was not hitting on me. At least, I think he wasn't. Oh please, tell me he wasn't!!

Mark in DE said...

Blogger meet-ups are fun! Glad you seem to have made a new friend in Greg.

L-O-V-E cosmos...

Wonder Man said...

I'm jealous, I love love love Xanadu

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