Friday, March 27, 2009

London Calling

Posting for me, is turning out to be a weekly much for my personal goal of writing DAILY. Life just sometimes gets in the way and becomes a little difficult to document my Glamorous Life...[cue Sheila E music]...

Here's a little tidbit that some of you may already know: Bloggeratti Superstar/Globetrotter Extraordinaire, Anthony, from the blog London Life, was in town, and I finally got to meet him for drinks & laughs on Tuesday. Anthony is EXACTLY as I imagined, only funnier...and blacker. I had some familial issues with a sicky child that I had to deal with on Tuesday and we almost had to postpone the meet up. Thankfully, it all worked out and we actually met.

Ironically, the very next day I had to take my baby back to the doctor, and as I walked into the front office, I noticed a homo sitting in the lobby that looked very was Anthony! I think he swallowed a quarter or something. What a small world, after all!

We snapped a pic at the bar, but all of my chins wouldn't fit in the frame so Anthony is going to PhotoShop the hell out of it.


A Lewis said...

DAMN YOU...DAMN BOTH OF YOU. We have tried and tried to meet up. All without success. and that included my coming to LAX over the last few days but I was sick. And, by the way....just between you and me....does he REALLY look like that much of a homo???

Christopher said...

Lewis: He was wearing a tiara & waving a rainbow flag in the it was a LITTLE obvious.

Mark said...

So glad you had a nice time buddy. Those London boys are nice alrite :-)

Eddie said...

All this talk about meeting up has me staring at my luggage.

If you met me you would jizz in your pants.



Anthony said...

Homo? Homo? Excuse me?! Pot ... kettle .... ??

An it was a dime - I couldn't posisbly swallow something so big as a quarter!

Pics are on their way .... :-)

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