Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend


So, yesterday was Easter....That doesn't mean much to me anymore, now that no one is buying me an Easter basket. My parents used to have Easter Dinner at their house, but those days are long gone. We'd even go to church (occasionally)...and I always felt so out of place saying "Peace be with You" to strangers. Other than my mom's dinner, I really don't miss celebrating was more fun as a kid. Now, I'd only look like I was missing a few chromosomes, running around my folk's yard, looking for hidden eggs with a plastic basket in my hands.

The weekend was a very solitary one for me. I really didn't do much beyond an oil & lube job (for my car) & cleaning the house from top to bottom (don't go there). For the longest time, since I don't know when, my weekends have always been busy....I secretly wanted just ONE weekend where I had nothing to do...absolutely no plans.... I just wanted to be able to sit around the house, watch crap TV, eat crap food & not have to be anywhere....So, this weekend, I got exactly what I wanted...and ironically... I hated it.

Lesson learned: Be careful what you wish for!


A Lewis said... said CRAP. Twice. About a holiday weekend.

joe*to*hell said...

me too! so funny

Michael Guy said...

My butt became one with my sofa last Saturday. Did. not. move.

Then, later, I cracked a molar on a 'kettle' potato chip. Big fun/good times.

Jules said...

It's funny... I wish for weekends like that, I rarely get them... and I feel exactly the same way when I do! But now that summer's approaching, and I'llhave yarding to get done, I think I'll be more thankful for no interruptions on my weekends off. Happy Easter, Tophie!

Anonymous said...

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Mark said...

I think a lot of holidays these days seem to mean more when you are younger. Having a few days of work is great but sometimes the holidays just provide another opportunity for getting things done. If I was closer I would have bought you the nicest Easter basket packed with goodies. Your such a nice guy buddy that you deserve one :-)

cb said...

I have the exact weekend you described like EVERY weekend.