Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Ikea Experience

A few weeks back, I bought a pair of chairs at I kea that were marked down from $89 to $30 each. Along with the chairs,I bought a few extra things too. When I was in line to pay, I did the math in my head, so I had a rough estimate of how much money I was about to lose. Now, I've got math skills, so when the cashier gave me the total, I was a little surprised that I was off by about $30.

When I got in my car, I scanned the receipt and noticed that the cashier was kind enough to give me one of the chairs for free ....How sweet, no? Well, once I got home, I noticed that the chairs I had bought were the wrong finish. I wanted the brown-black finish, but I ended up getting the pine finish for both chairs. Damn, I hate returning crap! Karma is such a bitch!

The following weekend, I went back to exchange the chairs in the finish that I wanted. I ended up arguing with the return counter guy and then his manager over the exchange. The problem was that they would only let me exchange for the proper finish if I agreed to pay the difference, since the sale price is no longer in effect. WTF???!!! Here's a snippet of the convo between me & and the manger:

Manager: I'm sorry that YOU chose the wrong finish...there was an employee
standing on the floor handing out the chairs to the customers.

Fabulous Me: Yes, I know....I asked him to give me 2 of the brown-black finish chairs and he ended up giving me the wrong finish.

Now repeat those 2 lines for the next 5 minutes and you'll get our entire conversation. What ended up happening was that they gave me store credit for the 2 chairs. I was handed a gift card for a little over $60, but I didn't buy the chairs at $89 each.

Half way through the argument with the manager, a little voice, in the back of my head spoke up and said: "shut the hell up...you're about to be given $60, and you only shelled out $30....remember, you got one of those chairs for free..."

But, it wasn't about making a profit of $30. I was fighting for the principle of the matter. The manager was basically calling me a liar and saying that I just chose 2 chairs myself, without the help of the employee handing out the chairs. Which isn't what happened at all.

Anyhoo... I took that gift card and I ended up buying a whole lot more Swedish crap. Take that, IKEA!


Robert said...

You could've done one of those even changes without a receipt?!?

Ikea: Love them or hate them I guess.

Jim said...

I was at IKEA this morning. I Was buying a shelving unit in the black/brown finish. There were other things I could add to the shelving unit like doors or drawers... but I couldn't find any with the same finish. When did IKEA stop printing the color on the box?


At the checkout, I asked them to confirm that I had the proper finish. The cashier had to stop, take out a large binder and search for the number on the box to fins out what finish it was. Slowed the whole line down to a standstill.

VERY BAD IKEA, but apparently very smart me to check.

jason said...

Too bad I couldn't have gotten my mother on the job for you, she's relentless when it comes to returns.

Jules said...

BA-BOOM!! Well done, Topher!

Anonymous said...

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