Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For My BFF

On Sunday night, I got my drink on at Ripples, at their weekly Beer Bust. I scoffed at the $6 cover charge, but when I was told that they were serving booze on the cheap (well vodka for $3) , I quieted down.

The place was packed. Who knew that people actually went out on a school night? It was Latino night, which made my BFF very happy. What made him even happier, and a little lighter in the wallet, was the Go-Go-Papi-Chulo below.

This not-so-tiny dancer knew just how to work the crowd and was making his money fast. At one point during the ogle fest, this sweaty, crazy-looking drunk stood in front of the dancer and started to do some weird interpretative dance/body spasm/yoga moves, which blocked our view of the dancer (who, at this point, was lying on his back, thrusting his hips into the air like he was humping a ghost).

This cock blocker made my BFF very angry. I believe that he shouted something along the lines of: "Get Gollum off the floor!!"

I knew that I had seen this dancer before, but couldn't remember where until this morning. I just forwarded the above pic to my friend. Something tells me that my BFF will be asking me to go with him to Club Cobra very soon.


Jim said...

Please tell me that you will be going to Club Cobra on July 10 for their 80's Trash and Sleaze Ball.

$25 bar tab for the most "scandalous" outfit. That's right, sell your dignity for $25!

If you do, promise you'll take photos.

Michael Guy said...

YOU guys have all the fun out there!
I think your 'tiny dancer' may trump my 'Serbian Husband' dancer...who got $4 bucks this past holiday weekend from moi. Just saying; he was real sweaty.


Jules said...

I just love the name Ripples for a bar! Mmmhhhmmm... nice night out!

gaohui said...

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