Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July !


Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. My weekend is turning into a major suckfest (and not in the good way), so let's talk about last weekend instead.

Roy, author of the blog Rusty's Balcony, was in town and invited me to come hang out with 2 of his friends in WeHo. We met up at Abbey (I love the Abbey). It was great to meet was funny how comfortable I felt to be around him (and his friends). It was as if we were old buddies, meeting up after seeing each other not too long ago. After our first drink(s?), we headed over to Micky's. I was a little disappointed in the remodel. I was expecting the place to look totally different from the way it did pre-fire. It just looked a little too familiar for me. We did get to ogle a go-go dancer (who I think is a porn star), sporting what had to be a banana in his chonies.

I had such a good time Roy...thanks for the invite! neighbors are grilling ribs...I better go make friends!

Happy 223rd Independence Day America!


A Lewis said...

Our day is quite lackluster.....just us, hanging at home. I'm itching for a big BBQ with friends and fireworks. Alas, it's not to be. Happy Day.

cb said...

Hope you have had a good weekend! Mine has been ... meh. At best.