Monday, August 10, 2009

I Want to Cruise

Over the last few days, the local weather has been just perfect. Such a nice break from that nasty heat wave that had me bitchin & moanin day & night. (I actually looked forward to coming in to work just for the A/C). Sad, but true.

Last night's temps were so comfortable that I decided to go for a moonlit stroll....alone....Sad, but true. So there I was jiggling my jelly down 4th Street when I noticed all of the cyclists that were whizzing past me on much lusted after beach cruisers. Families, friends, and straight & gay couples kept passing me and teasing me with their high-gloss finished bikes...some with old school bells even!

Well, I guess it's a good sign to see some fellow Americans getting off their couches and getting some exercise. Only, I just want to be part of that scene....le sigh!

ps: Dear Santa, please DO NOT get me the bike in the picture above for Christmas. I was just representing "Pura Familia"...Make it a Schwinn, Betch!


cb said...

I LOVE three wheel bikes!! So comfy!! I remember tooling around on my grandparents version in florida.

Did you know that only one of the rear wheels is driven? So you can tip it up on the nondriven side and spin the other like mad by pedalling fast.

Jules said...

Awww... why not that bike.. come ON, Topher!!