Friday, August 28, 2009

Vacation, Here I Come!

Why does today seem like the longest day, ever? I'm guessing it's because I've turned into a clock watcher waiting for 5:00... As of quitting time today, my booty will be on vacation for 10 days. Woot!

I wish I was going somewhere exotic to relax, but I'm pretty much going to be taking a 'staycation', where I'll just putter around the house, and take little daily excursions....I'm thinking checking out The Getty Villa, Laguna Beach, and checking out a lot of local hot spots.

Any suggestions from the Peanut Gallery??

The heat will probably cause me to curse a lot and drain me of energy, but at least I won't be sitting in my air conditioned cubicle, reading blogs all day. My new camera needs a good workout so next weeks blog posts will probably be chock full of pics.

Come on 5:00...Daddy's cocktail is waiting for him.


Mark in DE said...

Enjoy your vacation, and be sure to share your photos!

cb said...

Allow me to suggest miniature golf. But not alone

A Lewis said...

Why don't you pick out three or four things you've never done in the LA area.....the things that you've always wanted to -- and go do 'em. Happy time off!

Robert said...

Now does your vacation has anything to do with THIS coming Sunday?? :-)

jason said...


Greg said...

Head out to Catalina, maybe take the train to San Diego and visit the Zoo (or the hot spots in Hillcrest), or do absolutely nothing but sleep. Sleep is good.

And eat.