Monday, August 17, 2009

What The Pho' Weekend

What a low key weekend I had. Basically, I just cleaned house, ran errands, watched a lot of TV, took a couple strolls around the 'hood, and went to dinner on Saturday.

Saturday night's dinner was had at a Vietnamese restaurant for Pho' soup (is that redundant?). Been a long time since I had Vietnamese food and it was so worth the 20 minute drive. I know you're all wondering what I ordered so I'll tell you that I got the "Super Bowl", which had skrimps, beef, squid, white fish, meat ball, tripe, and beef tendon. I was feeling a little daring so I thought I'd try the tendon, and if you've never had it, lemme tell you that it tastes like Styrofoam soaked in chicken a word: disgusting. The rest of the soup was super delish and only cost around $7 [wheeeeee!].

After dinner we drove over to my favorite Indian sweet shop in Artesia (aka Little India), Ambala Sweets (another place I haven't been to in years). All throughout elementary school and junior high, I was best friends with an Indian boy (Partha, where are you?), so I am very familiar with Indian dishes (especially desserts). Little India is crazy busy on a Saturday night, yet I was a little surprised when I walked into the bakery to see the huge ass line (basically a mass of people). It would've taken us at least 15 minutes before being served and I wasn't in the mood to wait, so we left empty handed [booo!].

Something that normally happens to me on a nearly daily basis happened in that sweet shop, but I wasn't prepared for it. Once I walked in, all eyes were on me. It was as if the Elephant Man had just walked through the door. Since I was the only non-Indian in the place, I apparently was the one to watch. Such a strange, unfamiliar feeling. It took, literally, all of my strength to not strike poses for these people, 'cause you know that's just what they were wanting [smirk!].

Hope ya'll had a good weekend!


A Lewis said...

20 minute drive? We live right next door to a giant Vietnamese neighborhood and have all sorts of restaurants within walking distance. The trouble is, that I don't care for it.....

jason said...

I love a good pho!

Mark in DE said...

There was an Indian bakery near where we used to live, but I was not impressed by the Indian sweets. I do enjoy Indian food though.

Next time, STRIKE A POSE!!