Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Callate !

Over the weekend, I saw the movie Pandorum. It was a pretty good flick. I didn't realize that the critic's reviews weren't so good. I dunno, maybe I'm just easy to please. However, there were 2 things about watching this movie that I absolutely hated...crying babies & the a-hole who spent the entire movie on the phone.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that he spent the ENTIRE movie on the phone.

What the? ...Who the? ...How the?

Someone actually got up & complained, and an usher came in. As soon as the usher made his way up to the back row (where the douche bag was sitting), the chatter stopped. Guess what...as soon as the usher left, the jackass started to yap again. So clearly, he knows that it's wrong to talk during a movie, but he just doesn't give a f*ck.

I went to the movie with my Boo (Paul) and 2 dear friends (Chris & Tim). Tim has big balls. Tim has VERY big balls. I say this because he was wearing extremely tight shorts and no chonies. I kid, I kid.....Tim has big cojones because after the usher left and the chatting resumed, Tim actually turned around and said "excuse me, would you please stop talking during the movie?" The talking stopped for a little while.

Before the movie was over, the guy left with his ho bag. Chris was smart enough to let the management know what we had to put up with, and they gave us 4 free tickets.

Maybe next time I visit this theater, I'll bring my taser with me.


cb said...

I'm usually Less polite and say, "Hang up the goddamn phone!"

Meeko Fabulous said...

I effing hate people that talk during movies. I hate babies at movies. I love them any other time. If your kid, however, can't sit quietly for the two hours . . . You don't need to be here. Kind of like strollers at Disneyland . . . Doesn't make sense to me.

Chris said...

This is why my trips to the movies are few and far between. I think I've seen about 1 per year in the last five years.

We should go together next time. I'll hold him down while you tape the tazer to him and turn it on. Tape the button in the ON position and make sure you use a LOT of duct tape.

Greg said...

Good for Tim and his big balls! You got 4 free tickets out of it!!

Christopher said...

cb: wish you were there!!!

Meeko: why is it always our people (you latino right?) that bring their damn 2 year olds to a Rated R (scary) movie???

Chris: I like the way you think!

Greg: Actually it was Chris' big MOUTH that got us tickets (I think he was hoping for a fight with management...I was too, cuz I wanted to see him in action)...Tim's balls are just for entertainment purposes...'mkay?