Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A 3-D Xmas Carol

Last Saturday, I was feeling the Xmas Spirit, so I naturally wanted to see a movie about a few Xmas Spirits.

So, I took my 2 youngin's to Downtown Disney (free parking....woot!) to watch Disney's A Christmas Carol (in 3-D!). I loved it. This movie is not for young children. It was a little dark and I actually jumped in a few scenes. Jim Carey, whom I don't care for much (as an actor), was brilliant, voicing many of the characters.

The 3-D effects were...well, awesome! When it snowed, it actually appeared as though the snowflakes were falling into the theater. Loved the 3-D glasses too...they're very Ray Ban-ish....Maybe I'll sport 'em the next time I visit The Abbey.

I brought my camera to Downtown Disney, to capture all of the Disney Christmas Decorating Magic, but I totally forgot about it....Bah!


Michael Rivers said...

I do want to see this. Hopefully I get there before Christmas!

Meeko Fabulous said...

Isn't Disney so magical at Christmas time?! ~sigh~

To answer your question in the comment you left me today . . . NOT AT ALL!!! LoL! ;)

Kevin said...

I've been wanting to see a 3D flick since getting my Lasik, but I'm scared I'll fuck up my eyes!

I'll just wait and keep my eyes peeled for you at the Abbey. I like to sit outside along the side fence. ;)

cb said...

I'm ashamed to say that you have just lost points with me for actually paying money to see Robert Zemekis shit out another of these christmas crapfests.

jason said... just might make me see this.

Mark in DE said...

I envy you for being so close to The Abbey! Disney I can live without.