Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Against My Window

L.A. finally got some rain today...and I love it. The rain always reminds me of cities that I've visited & dream about living in someday. It makes me want to book a flight out of this town.

I didn't go anywhere in 2009.....very unusual for this Wanderlust....I didn't even make it to Vegas, despite the many mini-vaycays I planned throughout the year. I'm going to do my best in 2010 to visit either San Fran, Chicago, or NYC. Maybe I'll look for work related seminars in those cities... hmm...

Besides all of the fabulous (such a stereotypically gay word) U.S. cities, I'm dying...DYING to go back to London. I'd love to see my blogger friends Mark (and his hubby, Eiain) in their quaint little village....or have a spot of tea with Mr. Potter (Anthony, not Harry) and talk about poppycock, bangers & mash, and practice my Cockney English on the locals.

Looking out of my office window, I can see that the rain is coming down hard...just in time for my drive home with all the other "Angelenos" who suddenly forget how to drive, at the sight of the slightest drizzle.

Jet Blue....take me Away!


Michael Rivers said...

I am SO ready for a vacation too! Let's go!

cb said...

Have a great new year!! Wishing you the best in 2010-- and VACATIONS!

madhouse 6 said...

i want that umbrella. pronto!

happy new year.

Mark in DE said...

Wishing you many fabulous (stereotypically gay word) trips in the new year!! :-)