Friday, January 15, 2010

Hey Gurl...

Just checking in...not much has gone on since you last tuned in. Work has been keeping me super busy since Halloween '09, but in this economy, that's a very good thing. I'ma hush my mouth and work Betch, work! I forgot to mention that my GBF (Gay Best Friend) and I dined at the Boxwood Cafe (one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants) this past Saturday.

The Boxwood is inside the London (Hotel) West Hollywood. It's pretty easy to pass the hotel up if you aren't looking for it. It looks like a nice condo building and the "front" of the hotel is on a side driveway. Anyhoo, the Boxwood is Modern-60's-Fab. Not sure how to describe the place in Interior Designer terms, but here's a pic of the restaurant's front desk...

There were a couple of mirrors in the hotel that I really wanted to steal. I have a huge blank area above my TV and either of the mirrors I was conspiring to snatch would've worked just fine....but my GBF wouldn't fake a seizure so that I'd have enough time to rip the mirror off the wall. He is now dead to me.

The food was D'lish. My only complaint is that when my salmon (with cucumber salad & eggplant gazpacho) showed up, GBF & I asked the plate (in unison): "is that it"? The portions were very Un-American (read: the perfect portion for someone who just had gnocchi as an appetizer, and planned on ordering the raspberry meringue for dessert).

Warning: if you plan on visiting The Boxwood, also plan on bringing your own wine, be aware that the corkage fee is $35....ouch...that was a little steep for someone who's used to paying $10-$15. Overall, I'd recommend the restaurant, but it's one of those places that I can now say "been there, done that" and not go back.

However, after looking at the website just now, I wish I would've known about this area of the hotel:

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