Friday, February 12, 2010


There's this overpriced furniture store near my house that, as of last summer, was going out of business. They'd been around forever. I remember as a kid, my parents would give the place the stink eye, whenever we'd drive past it.

Overpriced furniture, rude owners, and poor's a wonder they stayed in business for as long as I can remember. I won't name the store, but I will say that it rhymes with "Bunro's".... I was in that place 3 years ago, and never felt less welcome. I was followed (like I had the word THIEF tattooed on my forehead), despite politely saying: "I'm just looking", when asked if I needed assistance.

I almost choked when I saw what they were charging. I have to say, there must be a lot of people in Long Beach buying up this overpriced crap. After a few minutes of being stalked, I mean checking out the furniture, I got the hell outta there and vowed never to return.

So I wasn't really sad when I saw their windows painted with "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS" last summer. As last year drew to a close, their windows screamed with 50% OFF, then 60% OFF, etc....last I saw, they were down to 70% off the ENTIRE STORE. That still wasn't enough of a deep discount to get me interested.

The other day I drove past the store and guess what....[???].....They never went out of business after all. In fact, now the store front windows declare "Celebrating 45 Years in Business".

Ahh...that old trick. I should've known better.


R. said...

Oh yeah, we have one of those in our neighborhood, too! Happy VD this weekend.

cb said...

You should have gone for the 70% off sales. It may have been sorta worth it.

Either that or when you are walking through, you "causally" damage an item that you want. Then ask for more discount.

Now THATS the oldest trick.

Mark in DE said...

Furniture and rug stores do that all the time, and often mark UP the prices just prior to offering it "on sale".