Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shut Up

I try to keep things that happen in the workplace private. I feel a little nervous about posting anything here workplace related, but today I don't care so much if anyone I work with reads this. Today is day 2 of a coworker's day-long complaints of how miserable he is in his current position. He's bitcched and moaned, all day yesterday, to practically everyone in our group. Anyone that he may have missed yesterday got an earful today. Let's call this whiner "Mike".

I'm sorry, but I feel no sympathy for you, Mike. When I was his age, I made nowhere near what he makes today. He really needs to get a clue and realize how lucky his ass is just to have a job...with excellent benefits too. He's been with our company for almost 1.5 years and expects other departments to throw promotions, job offers, and bonuses at him. You know, just because he's Mike.

His issue is that he feels the work that he currently does is well beneath him. He's trying to transfer to another department, within the company. He spoke to a (high level) manager in another department last year and was told that if a job opened up in their group, they would definitely consider him. Last week, two new jobs in that department opened up, and Mike is furious that he wasn't personally notified by the manager to tell him about the positions. What really set him off is that he sent an email to the manager, resume attached, asking him if he felt that he was a good fit for the position. It's been nearly a week now and the hiring manager hasn't responded to his email.

So now he's going around and telling anyone who'll listen to him how the hiring manager is a "retard" and all sorts of other colorful words....blah, blah, wah, wah.

I can't stand whiners. If you're unhappy with your current situation, STFU and do something about it (like quitting the company). I don't want to hear your nagging & annoying complaints. I try to keep the negative people as far away from me as possible. I want my world to be one that is bathed in positive attitudes & warm auras.


R. said...

And exactly that is the reason why the manager didn't consider him for the job! The manager knows better.

'Mike' sounds like a PITA to me!!

Hello Chris.

cb said...

Bitch should be thankful he even HAS a job.

Greg said...

You poor thing, having to listen to that. I'm with R; I think the manager knows what type of person "Mike" is and probably doesn't feel he would be a good match.

Mark in DE said...

I'm righ there with ya, I can't stand whiners. If you won't like your situation, work to change it.