Monday, March 1, 2010

...and the World Continues to Turn

My world, as I know it, is changing. Big changes are just around the corner. Some of the changes are brought on by my hand directly, and other changes are the results of other's actions. For example, my workplace is about to be going through some major restructuring, since 50% of my group is about to quit/transfer to other departments. Funny thing is management just doesn't know about it yet. The water cooler is a great place to gather info from colleagues. That may mean a promotion for me, or it could just mean more work ....same pay. I'm an optimist so I'm praying for "Mo Money in 2010" !

I've been toying with the notion of setting up another blog. One that's more of a journal that would document my daily thoughts & goings-on. I think it would be more of a personal venue for putting down thoughts that I'd only want to share with a select few people. Some aspects of my life I'd rather not share with the entire WWW. I'm talking about simple, daily journal entries such as:

Crapped my pants at work today. Thank goodness I keep an extra pair in the car at all times. Getting old sucks.
On second thought, maybe I'd keep it for my eyes only...hmmm.

Anyhoo, big changes are definitely a-coming...and that's a good thing. Last year was a year of stagnation & conflict. It was an angry year that I'd really like to forget. This year is all about growth & restoration. I need to rebuild relationships with friends & colleagues that I've lost contact with. I'm also dedicated to networking like mad this year. Life is good...and with a loving family & great friends it becomes so much better....dontcha think?


A Lewis said...

The very second that the world continues to turn, I want off. Pronto! Good luck. Keep an open mind. Say YES to everything possible.

Michael Rivers said...

I'm hoping for the same this year. Get back on track. Last year wasn't the best and I'm hoping to make some great changes this year.