Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Left My Fart in San Francisco

Last Wednesday, my company sent me to SF for a one day meeting. I was hoping to have a little spare time to get drunk in a bar walk around the city after the meeting, but no...our travel agent scheduled my return flight to allow me just enough time to squeeze in a 30 minute walk and then jump in a cab to get my arse back to SFO, to catch my flight back home. I made it to the airport just in time...but wait...my return flight home was delayed for over 2.5 hours. I could've gotten drunk in a bar seen some sights after all and still made my flight back....d'oh!

I really do loves me some SF. Sitting in the airport, I used all of that free time to justify a move to the City. I have friends & family there that love me dearly and are just dying (dying!) for me to make that move. I also work in an industry that would allow me to move to most major cities, and be able to land a job. [Man, that sounds snooty....but you know what I mean].

I love the vibe that SF puts out...it's like the West Coast's version of NYC...the architecture, the culture, and the fabulous people really make it the place for me.

Sitting in the airport lounge was a visual feast: Asian kids with severe hairstyles & tricked out headphones in turquoise/chocolate, a lady (of a certain age) sporting a Veronica Lake hair-do in pure silver (who by the way, just reeked of Old Money), some boys from the UK who were sporting their own versions of what a California Skater Boy should look like (and doing it well), and finally the glass of Cabernet Sauvignon at my lips....what a sight to behold!

If I do make this move, it'll take at least a couple of years before I can start the process. I'm just dreaming out loud right now, but we'll just see won't we?

PS: I'd like to give a special shout out to Farrukh, the cabbie who got me back to the airport. He drove that cab like no one's business: cursing, honking at & flipping off all of the idiots (tourists) that didn't understand what a green light meant. Oh Farrukh, how I miss you!


DanNation said...

Yes - move here! Move here!

Westopher said...

Go for it -- dream out loud & make those dreams happen (:

I love San Fran too! I want to move there every single time I visit ... but then where would I go on vacation? I can see myself living there someday, when I'm done with the Hollywood life.

R. said...

Pedro. Francisco. Same difference. :-)

Owait, you live in LB. See, that's even better! haha.

Christopher said...

Dan: yes, we could finally meet (blogger meetup???)

Wes: Let's both move & be neighbors...you could always vaycay in Hollywood.

RoRo: Pedro & Frisco are SLIGHTLY different cities! Ha!

Michael Guy said...

Yes, San Francisco is truly gorgeous! If you move there I'll have a great reason to come visit! (so make sure and get a place with a guest room...)


"Just David!" said...

When I was considering a move to California, I spent a week in both LA and San Fran. Being from New Orleans, SF won, hands down. I hated LA! That was 1989! I lived there for 6 years. Today, after visiting both, I prefer LA. It's odd how that's changed over time. I still love SF but find LA so much more fun! Make the move, you'll only regret the things you didn't do at the end of your life!!