Friday, March 5, 2010


What seems like many, many years ago, I used to be a bit of a whore Clothes Horse. I didn't just wear whatever was clean and pressed (as I do now). I made conscious decisions about what "outfit" I'd wear, and on what day I'd wear it. I usually had enough stock in my closet to never repeat the same pair of pants within a 2-week span. [Gay Gasp....perish the thought!]...but that was so long ago & things just aint the same.

I'm starting to get that those sartorial urges again. It's time to build up my collection and put more thought into what I'm wearing. I do love clothes. I prefer classic over trendy. I never was a Label Whore. I think you can look just as stylish with a wardrobe put together from Le Tarjay, thrift stores, and/or your everyday retail shops. No need to get all Designer on my ass to impress me. Don't get me wrong, if anyone out there has any John Varvatos, Viktor & Rolf, or Paul Smith just laying around, I'm a size a medium....or I will be in a few months.

Anyhoo, I'd love to pair all 3 of the pieces in the above pic with a faded pair of straight legged jeans & a super-crisp white button down. Not sure if I could pull off the bow tie, but a neck tie with the same pattern/colors would work. Really loving those blue shoes!


R. said...

Awh, I would love to see you in that outfit!! Did you use to bleach/dye your hair, too? If you did, don't you miss that? I do, but now I'm too old to do much of anything. waaaah!

Anonymous said...

It could work.

Jules said...

Thank you for saying you'd do a tie rather than the bow tie. I hate bow ties. You're cooler than a bow tie. I share your view on Labels. If you do put this look together, I'd like a photo!

cb said...

Dude. Somedays I wear pants two DAYS in a row.

With the same t-shirt even.

Jim said...

Let me throw a little ├╝ber-gay light on this idea.

I'm going to recommend a very dark denim with no distressing to make this look work. You can pick them up at H&M for $39.99 or, if you hit the store on the right day, they do a $10 off denim, and you can snag them for $30. I think when something like denim or a white shirt is so simple and classic, you don't need any labels or embellishments to make it work for you.

As for the tie, I have a few bow ties and they can go either super chic, or super nerd. Jules, you only hate bow ties because you haven't seen me in one. Or taken one off a hot man at the end of the night... hello Chippendales...

Let me know if you wanna go shopping, I know every store within ten miles of my house and that basically means every store known to man. (perhaps that's why I live here?)

Oh, and for the record, I'm wearing the same pair of jeans for the third day in a row. I only wash my jeans if they get spilled on, or I've had them for over 6 months. I'm freaky.

Christopher said...


My initial thought was to go with a super dark finish jean, but then I thought about making the look a little bit more casual, with a lighter finish.

Maybe I'm just tired of all of my dark jeans. I also wear jeans for multiple days (without washing...shhh!).

I would love to take you up on that offer to shop. I'll need advance warning though, because I'm guessing you're one of them shop til you drop types. I'll need to train for that 'marathon' first.

ps: J'adore H&M !
pps: Miss you!

jason said...

Those shoes.
NEED now.

Shadi said...

Glad you enjoyed my little collage there, or part of it at least.