Monday, March 8, 2010

Je Déteste Lundi

Monday already? I hate it when that happens. Friday, please get here soon. I miss you already.

Seriously, this weekend flew by. Not much happened other than lots of shopping. Oh, my BFF and I went to La Parolaccia for dinner on Saturday. They added a new gnocchi (with a pork & beef meat sauce) to the menu. [Word: Da Bomb!] If you're ever in the LBC, you have got to check them out. Tell them that Chris referred you.....and they'll say; "Who".

I tried to watch the Oscar's last night, but couldn't really get into it. This new wave of Young Hollywood is really disappointing to see "live". Did y'all see that chick from that Twilight movie clearing her throat, whilst presenting? Tsk Tsk.

I am dying, dying to take a little vacation. I'd love to get on an airplane, with a single bag in hand and just go somewhere. Anywhere. Alone for a few days. Well, alone with my thoughts. I need time & space to kick these blues away.

Any getaway plans or ideas? I'd like to hear some ideas from the Peanut Gallery.


Michael Guy said...

Ditto on 'new Hollywood' indeed. WTF?

Michael Rivers said...

I need a vacation bad!!

Yeah, the Twilight actress needs to get some class. I'm tired of her attitude!

Jules said...

I wasn't into the oscars either..

Come to Red Deer, I have a spare bedroom. We wouldn't even bother you too much! ;O)