Thursday, April 15, 2010

There's Something About Merv

This morning I had a meeting with a few coworkers that I've only spoken to over the phone. It was nice to finally put faces to voices. It's funny how I was pretty much spot on with what everyone would look like. There was one exception though. Let's call him Merv. I was waaaaaay off with what he'd look like. In my mind's eye, he was tall & lanky and around mid-40's. In reality, he was short (5'2"-ish) and looked like retirement was on his mind these days.

There was also something about Merv that bothered me. When I walked into the meeting (3 minutes late), I made my apologies and introduced myself to the group of 4 coworkers. When I turned to Merv, I found him glaring at me. I thought "F*ck you & your dirty looks....traffic was a mess". Then I quickly realized that he wasn't glaring at me....nope, he was looooooking at me. With hungry eyes.

I $hit you not when I say that he was looking at me for at least 90% of the time. When he was talking to the guy to my left, he looked directly at me. When he was talking to the guy to his right...yep, looking at me. Very creepy, but I guess I should feel grateful for the attention. Hey, apparently I've still got it. Heeeeeyy!!


Michael Rivers said...

Yes you do still have it!!

Michael Guy said...

Yes you still have it! Let 'em look; when they stop looking then you've got a problem... :)