Monday, April 5, 2010

What The Hal ?

You remember Hal Sparks, right? He was the little comics bookstore owner in Queer as Folk. I sorta had a crush on him back when the show was airing. Haven't seen or thought of him for a long time now.

That is, until last night. Last night's dreams were all about Mr. Sparks. He was in the garden, picking unripe tomatoes (while I yelled at him that they're not ready)...flash forward to the next dreamscape where he's in my kitchen making margaritas and going through my cupboards looking for limes. He was starting to work my nerves at this point.

The final part of the dream had him in my shower, wearing a jockstrap and singing Moby's "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad". I was standing against the bathroom sink, watching & listening to him sing ....and then he started to cry. He then turned toward me and said "Don't just stand there; get over here and love me".

I pushed away from the sink and got in the shower, still fully dressed. Just as we were about to kiss, I woke up. For no good reason. It was just after 5 a.m. and the world was still pitch dark and dead quiet. The alarm wasn't set to go off for another hour and a half!

Dammmit!! Life is so cruel!! All I know is Hal owes me a the shower with his perky booty wearing a jock strap.


Michael Rivers said...

I've loved him ever since Queer as Folk started. I met him a few years ago. Great guy. Very sweet, funny. And adorable!

Christopher said...

I'm so jealous Michael!

Jules said...

Oh My God, I hate it when dreams end at that vitally important moment that if you'd just been left to dream a few minutes longer, you'd have woken up so horny that you'd have had to rub one out before work.

Michael Guy said...

Schwing!!! I'll take Hal Sparks in a jock strap any day of the week. Or night.

Great dream!

Christopher said...

Jules: You crack me up!