Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Looking Up at Skies on Fire

Ever hear a song that you haven't heard in awhile, a song that has a lot of sentiment & meaning attached to it, and it brings back a memory that you had pushed way to the back of your mind? Well, I just heard Planets of the Universe by Stevie Nicks...the sped up, house music version of the song, and it took me back to 2003 (2004?).

The details of this memory are still so clear and vivid in my mind. I was out on a date and we ended up at Circus Disco in Hollywood. They were spinning some serious ass-shaking music and I was dying to do my thang on the dance floor. My date wasn't too big on dancing so I spent almost the entire time up against the rail, bopping along to the music. I was hoping that a couple of drinks in my date (I can't recall his name) would loosen his ass up and get him on the floor. I was wrong, it only made him sleepy; hence, we left the club early. I dropped him off at his Hollywood apartment. He asked (through a yawn) if I wanted to come in, but I was pissed, so I declined. It was still way too early to go home, so I decided to check out this club called Spike that stayed open until dawn or later.

When I entered Spike, I could almost taste the sex. Guys were making out with each other on the dance floor, while others were grinding on each other like nobody's business. Naturally, my insecurities took over and I gravitated toward the nearest corner. It seemed like everyone there already had a partner and I was the solo single guy. After being deprived of dancing earlier (and a tummy still full of tequila), I tossed that insecurity nonsense aside, and walked right into the center of the throbbing mass on the floor....and that's where I saw him.

Also dancing by himself, was a tall white guy, who looked like a cross between Abercrombie and G.I. Joe. I "accidentally" kept bumping into him and brushing my hand against his. Whenever I could, I'd shoot him a glance to see if he was even interested. From what I could tell, he wasn't....but I was wrong. The Stevie Nicks song came on and I got down. The guy got behind me and started to dance really close to me. I coyly began to back up a little...slowly...didn't want to look (too) desperate. He moved even closer and before I knew what was happening, he grabbed my hands, raised my arms up and pushed his body up against my backside. I almost had an orgasm.

I couldn't believe that I was dancing with such a hottie. We danced for a couple more songs before we even spoke to each other. Turns out that his name was Rod...I dubbed him "Hot Rod". He told me that he was in the Navy and it was his last night in the states. He was flying out to Virginia the following afternoon, to be sent to the Middle East. He had no gay friends, but he wanted to spend his last night at home, dancing the night away somewhere he felt comfortable.

We danced & kissed (and touched) until 5:00 am...the club was still going pretty strong when we left (I think they closed at 8 am). My t-shirt was completely soaked. Before we left the club, Rod took my shirt off in the restroom and wrung it out. I'd never danced that long before. On the sidewalk of Santa Monica Blvd, just outside of Spike, he thanked me for making his last night at home "special & memorable". We hugged & kissed outside for a little while longer. I gave him my phone # and told him to call me whenever he got back.

On the drive home, I smiled throughout the entire drive. I also wondered if he'd ever call me. More importantly, I wondered if he'd make it back home, unharmed. I'm still wondering.


Anonymous said...

WOW, what a story you got there. Wish he will call you someday.

Meeko Fabulous said...

~sigh~ that's all i can say to that . . . ~sigh~

Michael Guy said...

That's a little bit of gay magic there, huh? Nice memory! The place, the time...the circumstances all line up to create a moment. Wonder what happened to that guy?!

A Lewis said...

5:00am? You mean, like, in the morning?? Tsk tsk. Most of us girls need our beauty sleep. Must be nice.....

RAD said...

Hot! Im with Meeko-- SIGH! Happy for you! I can see your smile from here! :-)