Friday, May 14, 2010


Hmm, not much going on around these parts lately. The latest interesting thing to happen (that I can share) is me attending Bear Bar last Saturday. I love BB, because you get a really good mix of mens, at these events, and not just bears. I saw 3 old friends that I haven't seen in years and I also got to meet a Facebook friend. I love it when the on-line world meets the real world.

There was one "special" gentleman at this event that I couldn't help but to stare at. He was probably in the 60+ year range, and I'm guessing that he spent quite some time choosing Saturday night's outfit. He wore: a camouflage-ish t-shirt, a short denim mini-skirt, and girl's tennis shoes that were from the 90's (you know, those really thick, double-decker soled shoes that were popular back when the Spice Girls were popular). I was both fascinated and impressed with how CLEAN the shoes were. Yeah I know, I really shouldn't each his own and all of that. He wasn't bothering anybody and just wanted to go somewhere where he could be himself and get his drink on, amongst his people...and not be judged....ahem.

Long Beach Pride is this weekend...Woo-Hoo!


Michael Guy said...

:: waves rainbow flag ::

Have fun at LB Pride!

jason said...

wow....this is why camera phones were invented.
I'd kill to have seen this.

Jules said...

I love meeting online friends too.. something special when 2D turns into 3D!!