Friday, July 16, 2010

Belmont Heights meets Washington Heights

Saturday night, I saw the musical "In The Heights" at The Pantages Theater. The theater is an Art Deco masterpiece. I really hate their "no pictures inside the theater" policy. I tried countless times to snap a few pics and got busted each time. The best part of the night's performance was what happened before the actual show even started. As we were walking to our seats, I noticed how close to the stage we were getting. My friend, Les, scored some great seats. When we get to our aisle, I noticed that there are 2 people sitting in our seats. I turned to Les and said: "Here we go again"!

It seems like every show I've seen with Les, there has always been an issue with someone sitting in our seats. Usually it's a simple misunderstanding (as in the dummies have dyslexia) and they usually apologize and move. However, the last time we were in New York, we saw Hairspray, because we're just that gay. When we went to take our seats, I noticed that a "plump" man was sitting in my seat. So I very politely leaned in to tell him that he was sitting in my seat. He just stared straight ahead...completely ignoring me. (WTF?!)... I dropped my voice by an octave and repeated myself. He turned to me and said "I heard you the first time" which I replied (2 octaves even lower): "Then Mooove"! He got up and moved. I was actually hoping for a fight. I was ready for it, but he just squeeeeeezed out of his seat and told his hag to move over. Les offered to sit next to him, but I had a point to prove (that he just lost the arm rest).

Anyhoo, back to Saturday night at the Pantages...after comparing tickets with the couple that were sitting in "our" seats, we were completely confused. They were for the exact same seats. How could this happen? Same row, same seat, same day....and then Les said "Oh crap, our tickets are for the matinee show". LOL, right? Luckily, the manager told us that happens all the time, and he was able to get us seats that were really just as good as our original seats. Whew!

In the Heights is an amazing show. I can see why it won the Tony in 2008. Go see it....just make sure you have the correct tickets, when you go.

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