Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I needed to take a break from the daily grind, so I took last Friday off. No plans, just wanted a day off, but then I thought of a better way to spend the day...

From downtown Long Beach, I took the blue line into downtown L.A. I wanted to explore the city a little and take some pics of downtown/Little Tokyo/Olvera Street. If you're not familiar with L.A.'s light rail system, let me tell you, the blue line goes through some very interesting areas (read: ghetto) of the city. Many years ago, I lived in downtown Long Beach and worked in downtown L.A, so I knew that the ride would be "colorful".

I love DTLA. The city has an energy & a vibe that I never noticed before. When I worked there, I couldn't wait to get home. Downtown has really started to get its act together. So much has changed (for the better) since I last explored. I wish I had some pics to go along with this post, but dummy me, left the camera at home. D'oh!

So, here's some of the sights that I did see:

  • A group of kids wearing tees that all said "eRacism"...[I want one; the shirt not another kid]
  • Latinos in corn rows & Blacks in huge Mohawks...[Ironic, no?]
  • A couple of women coming out of an office, dressed in "Like a Virgin"-inspired clothes...[Corporate style, yet Madonna would approve]
  • People selling Ed Hardy knock offs, but no one was interested...[I blame Jon Gosselin for turning people off]
  • A group of senior citizens Voguing in the park...[or maybe it was Tai Chi]
  • Lots of amazing architecture.
All of that walking wore me out, and I had to bring my sugar levels up, before I passed out; so that's how I ended up with a pistachio cupcake in my gut...[purchased from Bottega Louie].

I also scored a belt and a pair of flips for $7 each, from Macy's... [Woot!]

It was a great little get day trip and just what I needed to shake the workplace blahs. I'll definitely be back soon, but next time I'll be armed with my camera.


Jules said...

Sounds like a great day, Tophie. And just what you needed. I love it when you can rediscover something you thought you knew much about. :)

Greg said...

One of these days, we need to take the train into LA instead of driving. Trying to find parking once we get back to Long Beach is terrible.

RAD said...

cool... What a nice day for you....I love to take a day off like this.... I call it a mental health day!

dit said...

I love going downtown Los Angeles. It is a great scene, and yes it sure has greatly improved over the past few years. Check out Clifton's Cafeteria sometime. It is an experience.

Leon Koh said...

I am back to your blog for a read.. sounds like you had a great day out exploring.. maybe you can share some pictures with us?

have a great day my friend..

Leon Koh
Your reader
my blog : http://hanleong.blogspot.com