Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween !

Hope you all had a safe/somewhat sane Halloween. This year, I skipped the parties. I had 3 invites, but I just wanted to stay home. So I did.

I carved out my pumpkin, made chicken enchiladas for dinner/lunch tomorrow, watched a couple scary movies, and passed out candy. This year's turn out sucked. Where were all the kids at this year? I live in a pretty decent area and I bought quality candy (as a kid, I would get so disappointed whenever some cheap-asss would drop a cheap-asss lollipop or a cheap-asss Smartees into my bag).

I gave up around 9:30, and I now have about 2 lbs of chocolates sitting on my kitchen counter top... calling me... calling me!

Anyhoo, all of that candy laying around the house got me craving something sweet to eat, so I made a frozen yogurt run with my buddy, Eljon. [Word: Blood Orange yogurt, with fresh mango slices = Da Bomb!]

When I got home from the yogurt shop, I had something hot & tasty waiting for me, as well as some champagne...

Happy Halloween, indeed!


A Lewis said...

I had ZERO invitations to any parties or gatherings. So, guess what....I went nowhere!

Anonymous said...

If I even had leftover chocolate I might consider baking. But I didn't buy any candy in the first place.