Thursday, November 18, 2010

The DMV Hates You

Well, the employees at your local DMV office do. They hate that you showed up, forcing them to actually work for their pay. How rude of you; how rude of me for showing up today, without an appointment no less.

I actually visited 2 DMV offices this morning. The first one was in Long Beach, only a short distance from where I live. I didn't go in though. I couldn't. There were zero parking spaces available and there was also a line that came out of the front door and wrapped around the building. It was unreal. So, I left the parking lot and headed over the office in Bellflower (about 10 miles away). In Bellflower, parking was a breeze and the initial line (to get assigned a number) was pretty short.

Then I looked around and saw all of the long faces of people who looked like they had been here for awhile. It "only" took me about 2.5 hours to get serviced. Good thing I took the day off and didn't have a hot date to get to (FYI, the hot date is scheduled for Friday).

I just don't get it. The DMV has always been known for their poor and super slow service. So why does this BS continue... why isn't anyone in public relations taking note of all the complaints and start cracking heads.... or better yet, firing the slackers? With the state being broke, you'd think that this would be the first place they'd start cutting corners.

I know a lot of unemployed people that'd love to replace an attitude-filled DMV worker's desk.... 'mkay?!


franck said...

You get what you pay for. Low taxes = poor government service

Diary of a Gay Soldier's Husband said...

I won't tell then about our local, small-town DMV office... We never have to wait more than five minutes, and they actually bend the rules every now and then... Ooops...