Friday, November 5, 2010

HouseQuake !

This morning, Long Beach was hit with a 3.7 earthquake. Apparently, a lot of my neighbors either didn't feel it or weren't fazed by it at all.

Of course, I was just getting out of the shower (and yes, I felt it). Thank Jebus it wasn't strong enough to freak me out and cause me to run into the street naked... talk about aftershock!

Honestly, as a Southern California native, I've been through so many quakes that it would really take a BIG ONE to turn me on freak me out. The last worrisome quake I went through got me thinking that I had better prep my house for if/when a big quake hits. I currently have zero emergency supplies/water/food. Also, there a lot of breakable things that are sitting on top of my fridge, dresser tops, and shelves.

I need to make a trip to my local homo depot and look into buying fasteners (Velcro?) to hold all that shitt in place, and then a trip to the market ( I just discovered I'm out of vodka)!


Robert said...

You never cease to make me laugh. Aftershock. Hilarious. I wouldn't mind a jolt seeing you naked. haha! Yeah, I felt it, too. But stayed in bed. :-)

Jules said...

I've never felt a quake, we just don't get them here. But when I went to California when I was 13, for some reason I bought a sweater that said "I survived The Big One" and I'm pretty sure it was an earthquake and not something else it was referring to. ;)

Jim said...

You can use Quakehold to tack down breakables you have on display.

Also, I recommend taking video of your home. Zoom in on valuables. You can even post it somewhere online as a safekeeping measure so you have proof for insurance as to what was in your home.

All that said, I guess I should go do some of that myself.