Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Quirks That Irk

I really try to keep the workplace out of this here blog, but after being stuck in a meeting, that was basically a waste of my blog reading time, I need to vent.

I was tortured with 2 individuals throughout a meeting today. They each have their own "little thing" that they do, when speaking. These irks were each driving me mad. First guy has a (non-stop) tendency to say a word that sounds a lot like "owl". Instead of saying "um" or "uh", he says " owwwwl". It was so constant that when I noticed him opening his mouth to speak, I would (mentally) say "owwwwl...".  And sure enough, the first word out of him was just that. He messed with my head so badly, that I actually drew an owl doodle.

The second quirky coworker has lost the ability to say "yes" or "yeah". Instead, he says "nnnnnyyyyeah". To illustrate how he says the word, he stretches this word out and his voice starts out sounding like a little girls and by the time he's pronounced the last letter, his voice has dropped to something similar to Barry White's. Annoying. I'm thinking that he's such a negative man that he always defaults to "no" and really has a tough time saying yes; literally. He doesn't just say "nnnnnyyyyeah" to mean yes or to agree with someone's opinion; he says it at the start of almost every sentence. Again, I ended up (mentally) saying "nnnnnyyyyeah", right along with him, whenever I saw his mouth open.

Hmm, I wonder what weird thing(s) I say or do when speaking. I'm guessing nothing. I am perfection. Shut up.


A Lewis said...

oh boy, somebody needs a drink!

I'm afraid that we all have strangeties (is that a word??) that irk. Well, except for you and I, that is.....certainly we don't.

Christopher said...

Arnie: I know I should be a "better person" and celebrate these people's uniquenesses (is that a word?), and not trash them in cyber space.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not apologizing here, and that's because what I didn't reveal in the post is that those 2 are some of the least friendly/most difficult people I have ever met.

Very difficult to work with and they have each caused way too much drama in the office.

Oh, and you're right: I do need a drink!

Jules said...

For real? OMG.. I'd have had to smack them if I was stuck in a meeting with them. How annoying.

On the bright side, that's a really cute doodle of an owl.

cb said...

How many licks DOES it take??

BosGuy said...

That's too funny. I work from home and as a result am on the phone for conference calls nearly all day. I have several co-workers who have similar 'quirks' so to speak. I can relate.

Christopher said...

cb: A one, A two, A threeeee!

Three licks!