Friday, January 21, 2011

Touch My Hair

I hate my hair. I hate that every morning I find a a few hairs scattered across my pillows. Stop leaving me dammit.... I need you!

Besides hating it for abandoning me, (when I need it the most), I really hate the texture. I have thick, wiry hair. It's much more manageable now, and I can work with it as long as I don't let it get long.... but in high school it was at its worst. It was wavy, dry, and super unmanageable.

After getting tired of using hair crimpers/hot irons (I used to rock that buzzed short on one side/long on the other/asymmetrical was the late 80s), I tried straightening it, using a chemical hair relaxer. It burnt my scalp, but it worked. My hair was super straight. It had also turned a funky shade of red. The color was so bad that I dyed it a couple days later. I thought that blue-black was the perfect color. It wasn't, but it was much better than that "I squeezed lemon juice in my hair and baked in the sun" look.

I always wished I had Asian hair... I still do. Thin, straight, shiny hair. I used to work with an Asian guy that had just that kind of hair. He told me once that he wished he had thick hair like mine. He crazy. We always want what we don't have. Grass being greener and all that.

I saw a guy today at Starbucks who reminded me of my ex-coworker. He reminded me of him, after he transformed his perfect hair into a mane full of thick curly hair. The results were very much like the man in the picture below. Second from the left.

Cute, right?


Mark in DE said...

It seems we often want what we do not have. But at least NOW we have all kinds of products to help you style/manage your hair. When we were growing up it seemed all we had was Dippidy-Do and AquaNet.

Christopher said...

Yes... AquaNet was definitely my friend. That stuff is toxic!

Bruce said...

Any hair is better than no hair. TRUST ME I KNOW!!!