Monday, January 24, 2011

What Was That....

....Oh, I know, it was the weekend zooming by (way too fast). I had a pretty low-key weekend, but I spent it with some of my favorite people.

Friday night, I had Adam Killian's bare arse mere inches from my face. No, it wasn't a fantasy, he was go-go dancing at MJ's. Good to see that his face, and other parts, look just as good in person. He also seemed very approachable.... I wonder where his buddy, Zeb Atlas, was at? I love MJ's.... It's like WeHo Lite.

Saturday was my Un-Fun day... running errands and cleaning house, but the night ended very well, with Champagne and a few other things to make me smile.

Sunday was pretty much a blur. I watched way too many movies (I love you, NetFlix), but I did manage to finally get off the sofa and hit the gym for some cardio... gotta get into those Daisy Dukes this summer.

Hope your weekends were full of smiles, laughter, and release (of stress).

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Anonymous said...

love the pic! -kevinism