Saturday, December 29, 2007


Today is my blog's 1st birthday! I am expecting expensive gifts from each and every one of my readers...get to shopping bitches...and don't even think about re-gifting me any Christmas present rejects that you're all just waiting to pawn off.

Seriously, I can't believe that it's already been a year! Blogging has become a very cheap, addictive, creative, expressive form of therapy for me, and I love the unexpected benefit of all of the new friendships that I've made via if only I can find a way to make some money blogging, without giving in to the advertisers...kidding...sort of.

To help celebrate the anniversary, I treated this clever fool to a cupcake.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Random pics of mi casa.

Murr Chrimuh!

Monday, December 24, 2007

All About Eve

Christmas Eve is when my family celebrates the birth of the little Baby Jesus. We used to celebrate the day by having a big family dinner (my folks always played host to many aunts, uncles, & cousins), followed by after dinner drinks, and then we'd wait for midnight to finally arrive...that's when we'd get to open up gifts.

As we've all gotten older, we found it necessary to change it up a bit. This year, I decided to give my mom a day off from the kitchen, so I treated my immediate family to Christmas Eve dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants here in Long Beach, Cafe Piccolo. After dinner, we walked the canals in Naples, to check out how the wealthy in Long Beach decorated their homes. We showed up at the right time, as there was a group of carolers strolling the canals. Some of the gondoliers were in the singing mood too.

Then we came home to drink champagne, eat way too many Christmas cookies, cheeses, cakes, a yule log "cake" thing with a lot of marzipan mushrooms on it that must've been 4,000 calories per slice (my neighbor dropped it off), and 3 different types of pies (I tasted all 3), and then we finally opened up gifts.

I like this "slimmed down" version of celebrating X-mas, as it just felt so much more relaxed (read: none of the crazy relatives came over to get drunk & ruin the day)...however, I must've had one too many glasses of bubbly, as I foolishly volunteered to make dinner next year...funny how quickly Mommy Dearest agreed to that suggestion.

*** Happy Holidays Everyone! ***

Friday, December 21, 2007

The 12 Days of Christmas

I know that this video is old, but I love Janice Dickinson's take on the X-mas classic!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Bow Down

I need to befriend this couple immediately...and I want to be invited to their damn Christmas party too...they may be missing a few dozen ornaments by the time my jealous ass leaves, but hey, they have 10,000 ornaments...26 trees in a two-bedroom home??!!...26!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Naked Pics of David Beckham

I'm suddenly very interested in seeing naked pics of David Beckham, after his wife (Victoria Beckham...duh!) made the following comment regarding his man-junk:

"He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is
all his. It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!"

Oh, and speaking of Victoria, here's a recent pic of her during a concert in London. Notice how her back tits are falling out of her top...I know it, she's such a fat ass! If David were mine, I'd make sure that my back tits always stayed within my shiny metallic gold dominatrix disco bustier halter top.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Fine Design(er)

It was a real heartbreaking moment, watching Jack Mackenroth remove himself from the Project Runway competition last week, due to a bacterial infection on his lip. I honestly thought that he'd end up in the final 3. There is undoubtedly talent & skill in this guy, and he is definitely a force to be reckoned with (not to mention that he isn't too hard on the eyes neither). I'll never understand why bad things happen to such good people.

Maybe the producers will surprise us all and do something similar to what they did last season by bringing him back as a "2nd chance" contestant (remember that lame "rosette" designer chick & that old goof-ball Vinny that they brought back last season?).
You can find some NSFW pics of this muscular sprite here:...

...and here's a hilarious video of Jack that I found, how could I not fall in love with this man?!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've Been Recognized!

When I started this here blog, it wasn't to become the local celebrity that I've become...but some things I guess are unavoidable. You can't fight the funk & you can't change fate. Yes, yes y'all, I have finally been recognized by someone on the street.

During my lunch break today, I drove to Target in Pico Rivera (heavily Latino populated area of L.A.), when I noticed these 2 guys, driving a raised Escalade, in the lane to the left of me. They were looking over (down) at me & sort of smiling...that's when I knew that they had just recognized me for the celeb that I am. I smiled back & threw them the head nod.

Then, as the light changed & I started to make my right hand turn, the guy in the passenger seat leaned out the window, still smiling, and shouted: "Faggot!". I didn't have time to react, as I rounded the corner...and besides, how should I have responded to that factual & accurate statement? Maybe yelled back: "homophobic closet case!"?

To be honest, I was a little surprised, because today I look like shit & don't necessarily think I "look gay "(oh, you know what I mean...I'm sorry, but gay usually does have a "look"). Today, I have 2 days worth of facial hair, my hair is all jacked up, I'm wearing a dark blue button down shirt, and baggy khakis (think: Gap's clearance section) yesterday was a much different look. I looked tres gay in my athletic fit cowboy style shirt (that looks pretty good on me when I suck in the gut), a pair of "modern fit" (to enhance the package & booty) pants, along with some pointy shoes...yeah, I looked pretty fruity yesterday.

I just realized that today was the first time in my life that anyone's ever "reminded me" that I'm a Big 'Mo...Oh much for being recognized...maybe I'm only a legend in my living room...[le sigh]!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh Tannenbaum!

Yippee, the tree's all dressed up! Now if I could only win the damn lottery, I'd have this tree drowning in Radko ornaments...yeah, I'm gay like that.

Now it finally feels/looks like Christmas at my house. I can't really show any more pics of the rest of the house, as there are many, many empty boxes & tissue laying all about my kitchen & living room...and no one needs to see that!

Monday, December 10, 2007


There are so many stereotypes that I've heard of over the years, but I tend to not put much weight into them...after all, stereotypes are usually based on racism/sexism/misogyny/ignorance/hate...I'm sure you've all probably heard the same ones I have such as: Asians are bad drivers, Jews are cheap, queenie guys are always bottoms, Catholics are all drunks, women don't know how to give a proper BJ...and the list goes on & on. I hope I'm not offending anyone here, I'm just trying to flesh out this post.

This afternoon, an internal auditor at work "interviewed" me for about an hour, over some financial reporting questions he had. The guy was early 30's, tall, blonde, had the greenest eyes I've ever seen, and looked like he just finished a photo shoot for the cover of "The Beautiful People" magazine....and on top of that, he was British....aww, how I love a British accent! ...some of you know where this is going, right?

As hot as this man was, there was something about him that really bugged me...and it bugged me mainly because it caused my boner to diminish perpetuated yet another stereotype...this oh-so-handsome man had some really jacked up teeth!

What's up with Brits having bad teeth? Especially British celebs? According to a survey carried by BriteSmile, the teeth-brightening company, celebrities from Great Britain have the worst teeth in the world....a few examples are Ozzy Osbourne, Spice Girl Melanie C, Tony Blair, Vivienne Westwood, and who could forget Austin Powers' chompers?

I dunno...maybe it's drinking all of that sugared tea that the English are so fond of, or eating all of that poppycock & bollocky bangers that's to blame for their mangled teeth...they do have such naughty names for food...oh oh...boner's back!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Nekkid Tree

I bought our Christmas tree!! On Sunday, we made our annual trip to the Snowy Pines tree lot, in Long Beach, and quickly spotted the tree had just been unloaded from the truck, so I asked the nearest tree lot employee to unwrap it & shake it for me...the tree, not his ass...It was still a little wet (like me), so I know that it's fresh & will make it to Valentines Day, like all of the other past trees have.

To be honest, I felt like I settled...sort of. The tree I really wanted was the 7.5 foot noble fir I spotted near the entrance, but at a price tag of $100, I decided to "look around". To be even more honest, I do love this tree, and at $40, I love it even more....which is kind of ironic, because for $100, I love you long time...but I digress!

So, the tree has been hosed down, watered, and given time for it's brances to settle, but I haven't had the energy to slap on the lights/decorations yet. I'll get around to that Monday after work...speaking of work, I've been toying with the idea of calling in sick tomorrow. It wouldn't be a complete lie, as I am feeling a little queasy right now.

The girls & I decided to do a test run of baking Christmas cookies (Martha Stewart's sugar cookies), and I have to say that they turned out pretty good...I only burned a few. I played the rolls of supervisor/oven doorman/official taster, and after tasting about 3 cookies (read: I lost count after 10), all of that sugar has given me tummy bubbles! I do loves me some royal icing, but maybe there was no need to actually lick the bowl(s) clean.

Stay tuned for pics of the fully decorated tree.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


One of the many joys of raising teen aged girls is having to deal with all of the hair that they shed on a daily basis...especially when one is an Emo child, oops, I forgot that "Emo" is no longer it's all about being a Scene Kid (basically an Emo kid, only happier & with more color in the wardrobe). Scene kids (girls & boys) like to change their hairstyles....often....I'm talking hair being trimmed, above the bathroom sink every 1-2 weeks.

What that means to me is me removing hair from the sink basin (before it gets stuck going down the drain), drying my face off with towels that have little "surprises" tucked into the folds of the towel, as well as me having to sweep up renegade hair from the bathroom floor, even after a "please go sweep up the hair that you've got laying all about the bathroom floor"command has been issued & "swept up" by my little Fashionista.

My bathroom sink recently got a nasty clog in it. I thought I could fix this little problem myself, so I loosened the J-trap, and watched in disgust as the stank water poured into the bucket below....I nearly gagged when some of the water splashed into my open mouth...disgusting! Then something really nasty happened....this wad of hair sloooowly began to descend from the pipe. It was so nasty looking. It was teardrop shaped & glossy, with what appeared to have been hair gel, tooth paste, semen, and various bits of debris tangled up in it. It just hung in the open space between the pipe's end & the bucket below...taunting me.

It reminded me of a scene from the movie Alien. It was at this point that I started to gag....the sight of it glistening & twisting slowly above the foul water was grossing me out. Maddie, (my youngest), heard me gagging & walked into the restroom to see what was up. The moment she stepped through the doorway she screamed "it smells like something died in here" and then ran off...(bless her!)....Thankfully, the little alien life form dropped into the bucket below, without any assistance from me. So I reattached the pipes, ran some water and then flipped out once the water began to backup again!

That clog remover stuff you buy at the grocery store is crap....what a waste of $7.00. So I called in the big guns....that's right, sulphuric acid. That magic potion took care of the clog in no time at all....oh sure, I can no longer produce any more offspring, due to inhaling some of the toxic fumes, but as Martha always says: "That's a Good thing!"

My only regret is that I didn't get a pic of the hair wad before I threw it over the fence, into my neighbor's yard.....I know it...I'm such a bad blogger!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Time For D&G

So last night, I'm lying on my sofa, feet pointing to heaven, while I practiced my kegel exercises, when a commercial for Dolce & Gabanna's latest ad campaign for their D&G Time watch collection comes on...and my mouth literally falls to the floor. Check it out for yourselves...all I have to say is that D&G definitely knows who's buying their wares.