Thursday, July 31, 2008

Confessions of a Wino

Every night, since last Friday, I've been drinking a glass of wine (or 2) with my dinner...and then maybe 1 more "after dinner" drinky-drink. If the Italians can do it, then why can't I?

It's not like I get blotto off of the takes more than a glass or two to get me there, but it does relax me, and I do become a little more "accessible".

I never follow the "rules" of wine drinking. I drink what I like. Normally, I'm a red wine man, but during the hot summer months, I prefer me some white men wine. My latest addiction is Pinot light and refreshing!

I think I'm taking a break tonight though, and that's only because:

1). I'm out of wine.
b). Even if I had some wine, it's Homemade 'Burger Night....and wine just doesn't work with cheeseburgers.
iii). It's starting to get a little tough to roll out of bed in the mornings.

I have a feeling I'll be back to guzzling the "grape juice" Friday night....for the health benefits of course!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Southern California just experienced a 5.4 earthquake...I'm fine, please don't worry yourselves sick. There was a strong jolt to the house and then then the ground got all rumbly for about 15 seconds...I can't remember the last earthquake we had (read: that I was actually awake while it occurred).

I'm really glad that I took today off from work, otherwise, I'd probably still be standing out in the parking lot with my coworkers (instead of cruising free online porn).

Now, if I was at Disneyland, I'd be one pissed off customer...I just saw on the news that they may not restart some of the rides for a couple of hours...currently, NOT the happiest place on Earth!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Fashion F*ckups

Oh you make me giggle! Seriously, what kind of material is this and who helped you to "slip into" this?

Claudia, your outfit made me smile...because it looks exactly like a Christmas ornament that I bought last year....Now I can't stop singing Silver Bells.

Katie...there is no excuse for you to be caught out in public wearing men's jeans (rolled at the bottom...what is this...1984?!). Don't even get me started with the dress socks/heels thing you got going on...What's wrong with your gay husband...he should have taught you how to dress by now!

Dear Little Butterfly...please stop shopping in the Girl's department. You're embarrassing 12-year olds across America. Don't you have enough money to hire a stylist?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


In an effort to save money/eat more healthy, I've been making my dinner (practically) every night, over the last couple of weeks.

I love to cook, but I hate the post dinner clean up . Not only are there plates, glasses, pots, and pans to clean up, but I seem to be unable to cook without spilling something on the mop hasn't been dry for a long time. With a full belly, it's so tempting to just say 'screw it...I'll clean up in the morning'....but I just can't sleep right without rubbing one out first knowing that there's a dirty dish sitting in the sink...I'm anal like that (don't go there).

I've really been wanting to scrub my house from top to bottom lately. I think I'm going to kick off "Project Clean House" this weekend, by going through closets and purging all of the crap that I don't need or use.

I have some really nice Berber carpeting throughout the house that's basically made up of light beige tones (the landlord chose the carpet....I wish it was hardwood flooring), but if you saw the current state of the filthy carpet, you'd call me a liar and say that the color is closer to grey...Nearly 2 years have gone by since I've cleaned the's so embarrassing. I have quotes from 2 different carpet cleaners, now all I have to do is make the damn call.

I used to watch Friends back in the day...David Schwimmer's goofy character used to make me violently angry, but I could relate to "Monica's" need for favorite episode from the show was when the friends found a key that opened the secret closet door which Monica kept locked...and when they opened it they discovered Monica's dark secret...her closet was a total mess.

My garage is Monica's closet...oh, the shame!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Mikey V Put On Leave

I knew it was only a matter of time before the po-po found out about Michael Verdugo's porn they've (Hollywood Police Department) put him on paid leave.

I really don't see what his porn past has to do with his ability to perform his duties as a police officer...Can you smell the homophobia?...I can, and I can also smell a lawsuit.

If only there was some way that I could console the poor man!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Addicted to Reality

It's definitely reality TV season...Last night was episode #1 of the 5th season of Project Runway....I loves me some PR, but last night's episode really left me wanting more. I HATE that the designer's first challenge was a return to Gristedes Market, where they we each given $75 to purchase materials for their outfit.

We've already seen this challenge before (Season 1)...I think that it's a total waste of time, and so unrealistic to force the designers to come up with a great outfit, using only items bought in a market. Yeah, yeah, I know the goal of this challenge is to see just how innovative they can be, but there are so many other ways to show your talent.

I did enjoy seeing Austin Scarlett as a guest judge on last night's epsiode...I swear, he's turning into a woman.

There are 2 other reality TV shows that I'm currently addicted to. One of them is Shear Genius and the other is Design Star on HGTV. There is (was) one designer on Design Star that I was secretly desiring to see, how do you say....nekkid...and I got my wish. That designer is Michael Verdugo aka Mikey V. It turns out that Mikey has a gay porn past.....gasp!

Mikey once starred in a bondage video titled Rope Rituals, under the alias Jeremy Wess. Poor Mikey got kicked off of Design Star last Sunday, but the judges cited his "poor hosting skills", and not his gay porn past.

Mikey is a 34-year old police officer back in Florida...let's just hope that the boys back at the station never find out about his little secret.

I know I should respect his privacy and keep the following info to myself, but I'm in a bit of a mood today, so here's a link to some nakey pics of the hottie & of the video he's is definitely NSFW !


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The sweet little brioche from Canada, Shirley, has (semi-privately) tagged me to complete a meme, so here goes:

Answer these 15 questions as honestly as you can.

1. What did you want to be when you grew up? Just like every other American boy, I wanted to be a doctor, a fireman, or a policeman.

2. What are you now? A corporate drone.

3. What fictional character did you identify with as a child? Peter Brady (from the Brady Bunch)...we were both the "second born" child and we had similar taste in clothes.

4. How about now? Adrian Pasdar as Nathan Petrelli from Heroes...I just want to have his super powers and look as good as he does in a suit....and out of a suit....ay papi!

5. What is your 'Gay Pride' Song? Milkshake

6. What is your drag song (we ALL have one)? Nasty Girl by Vanity 6

7. Earliest memory? Picking blackberries from my grandmother's garden....eating nearly a bucket full and then getting a bad tummy ache...I should've listened to grandma.

8. Memory you'd like to forget? Getting tricked (by my sister) into listening to "the weird sounds coming from inside my closet"...the noise was actually the sound of my folks, on the other side of the closet (in their bedroom), 'gettin bizzay'.....[eww....shiver]

9. If you ran for a seat in political office, what would be your platform(s)? Getting the hell out of Iraq.

10. Winehouse - Want her to succeed or are you over her? Despite the amount of times I make fun of her...and I know I really shouldn't, I want her to kick the bad habits, drop the loser friends, eat something, and succeed.

11. The first person you thought you loved? I fell in love with a redhead in Kindergarten...her name was Denise.

12. The first person you actually loved? Another redhead (but she was blonde when I first laid eyes on her) that I met about 10 years later...I was still struggling with identity issues at that tender age.

13. The person you love now? My damn self....and Paulie.

14. If you could be, do, have/own/possess anything you wanted, what would it be? Could be = Independently wealthy...Could Do = slap a dozen people that have been working my last nerve...Could Have = a house in the Hamptons.

15. Even if you are in love with someone right now, who are you/could be crushing on right now? Hmmm...I crush on guys all the time (and that's as far as it goes)...but guys with British/Irish accents make me swoon...I just want to listen to them talk.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Voice & The Machine

Friday morning I called in sick to work, due to an "upset tummy"....[ahem]...It was a very good thing that I did, cos there were all kinds of prep work that needed to get done before the Yaz(oo) concert later that evening. I had to get my hair did, finalize dinner plans, decide what
to wear, and take a disco nap.

We ate dinner in a funky part of downtown L.A. that I've never explored before, the Arts's adjacent to Little Tokyo, and Idefinitely need to revisit this area soon. My BFF found this restaurant called the Blue Dahlia, which serves panini sandwiches, salads, antipasto,
and a short rib burger that was so good that I wanted to slap the cook...[short rib meat stuffed with ground beef, topped with Gouda cheese...yes please!]....oh, and the Lychee Martini is highly recommended!

Many thanks to the heads up from my blogger buddy, Jim (who saw the band play on Thursday night), who warned me that the band doesn't go on for at least an hour after the stated start time of 8:00 pm...a DJ "spun" 80's music until 9:00 pm, and then Alison Moyet & Vince Clarke took to the stage.

Vince Clarke was in his standard "stand & play" mode (as expected), and Alison Moyet's soulful voice never sounded better. I was blown away by how good they sounded. The staging was minimal, but worked perfectly with the size/scale of the Orpheum Theater, which is just gorgeous!

From the moment Alison Moyet began singing Nobody's Diary, I was transported back to a very happy time in my life, and I stayed there for the next hour and a half....I'm not too proud to say that I got a little choked up at times, due to the flooding of memories that hit me with the
start of each song...[but I didn't cry].

In case y'all are wondering, I wore dark jeans, a white, short sleeved linen button down shirt, and black shoes...and I wore my hair as high as it would go...even though Jim said that he'd mock me for doing so.

Here's some pics:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Speed Queen

This man can't even wash his chonies at the Laundromat without being stalked by the paparazzi...hopefully my Boo won't mind me posting such a candid shot of him.

Miss you Paulie!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shear [Guilty] Pleasure

My latest reality TV addiction is watching Bravo TV's Shear Genius.

I am so happy that this annoying man got booted from last night's episode. He should've listened to his client, when she said that her hair will absolutely not hold a curl.

I was so sick & tired of hearing the constant reminders about just how much he loves his wife...yeah we get it Matthew, you're straight...mmm're about as non-gay as that D&G belt you were sporting last night (not pictured above)....I'm just saying.

Oh, and he actually said "good" when they told him he was eliminated...what a jackass!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

* It's Chris, Bitch ! *

As soon as I got to my desk this morning, my boss informed me & my coworkers that we were having an impromptu meeting "in five"...great, just what I needed to get my day going. It was at this meeting that we got to meet our summer intern. His name is also Chris. He made a very good 1st impression. He's smart as hell, witty, and he made me LOL when he turned down the boss' public offer to take him out to lunch "with his new family" today...apparently he had a better offer.

During the meeting, my coworkers thought that it'd be a good idea to give me a knick name to avoid any confusion with the intern lame, no? I kept asking if it was really necessary, and their collective answer was yes. So, after countless suggestions and against my approval, I'm going to be referred to as "Topher". I don't mind being called that by people that I actually like (and quite a few people do), but for some reason, it really bugs me hearing "these people" call me that. Someone in the group said to me: "awww, come on Topher, don't make that gotta be more of a team player".....[Huh?]

We'll see how long this knick name will last. I already made it clear that I wasn't going to respond to "Topher". To prove my point, when a coworker rang me up and said "Hey Topher, can you help me out with a spreadsheet problem?" I replied with "Sorry, there's no one here by that name"...and hung up.

I am so not a team player.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 7th of July!

Someone in my neighborhood thinks that it's cute to shoot off bottle rockets, fire crackers, and Piccolo Pete's at 2:00 in the morning, on a Sunday night....(technically Monday morning). They did this last night as well as on the previous Sunday (June 29th)....bastards!

If I wasn't so tired/hopped up on pain killers last night, I would've reached for the phone & called the po-po, but I had no idea where the fireworks were coming from and wasn't 100% sure that I wasn't dreaming the whole thing up.

The need for pain-killers was due to a pinched nerve in my upper back, that I had had for nearly a week. By Friday night, the pain had become constant and really f*ckin annoying. As of today, the pain is almost completely need to send flowers.

The 3-day weekend flew by way too fast, but it was pretty relaxing, despite the back pain (I swear my body is revolting against me lately!). I have a feeling that this week is going to be a short one too, as I MAY call in sick on Friday. I'm going to see Yaz (or Yazoo if you're outside of the US) at the Orpheum on Friday...I can't wait !


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hurts So Un-Good

This morning I woke up about 1/2 an hour before the alarm clock went off. I woke up in pain. Excruciating pain. At approximately 6:00 am, I suffered the worse calf muscle cramp I've ever felt. The pain that shot through my left leg was so bad that it caused me send up a desperate prayer to the Little Baby Jebus to rescue me from the pain...but he was too busy listening to legit prayers from the I screamed into my pillow, banged my fist on the mattress, and waited for the pain to pass. The cramping lasted maybe 30 seconds, but it felt like eternity.

It's been several hours since the attack, and my leg is still VERY sore. I truly believe that Karma is real...and she's a real Bitch that'll come for you sooner or later. I used to laugh at my Dad whenever he'd wake up from a leg cramp screaming " SonuvaBitch, SonuvaBitch...Dirty Muthaf*cker...Faaaaaaaaaaaaack!". I laughed, not because he was in pain, but because it sounded hilarious to hear him yelling out obscenities [first in English and then he'd throw out some in Spanish].

He prophetically declared, after an early morning cramp session: "Yeah keep laughing'll be my age some day, and then you'll know just how bad the pain is"...Papa was right.

I think from now on, just to be safe, I'm going to stop teasing him that he's shrinking.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Work has been kicking my butt lately...I worked until 9:00 pm on Monday and still brought work home. It never fails, whenever I have a short work week or my boss is on vacation, my work load gets out of control.

I haven't even been able to read blogs over the last couple of days...and that's just simply wrong. I'm hoping I didn't miss anything exciting!

Not much going on in my life. Oh, if you ever find yourself in Long Beach, and are in the mood for some Lebanese/Mediterranean food, you have to avoid a certain restaurant on 2nd Street (in Belmont Shore). I won't name the restaurant, but I will say that the name is made up of 2 words, and that the name refers to the home for Genies, and it also rhymes with "Tragic Ramp".

My best friend and I went here last Saturday, both ordered beef dishes, and then both got the shizzles in the morning. When they first opened (last fall I think), we stopped by for dinner, and the b*tch receptionist said that they were closing in 30 minutes and that they weren't taking in any more guests. It was 8:30 on a Friday night. That was strike one. Giving me the shits is strike 2 & 3. So, do yourself a favor and stay away from this place...instead check out Sunnin just a few steps down the street. The food (so inexpensive) & service is great. Seriously, the chicken kabob gets my mouth watering just thinking about it...and I've yet to get sick from them.

Blog On!