Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Voice & The Machine

Friday morning I called in sick to work, due to an "upset tummy"....[ahem]...It was a very good thing that I did, cos there were all kinds of prep work that needed to get done before the Yaz(oo) concert later that evening. I had to get my hair did, finalize dinner plans, decide what
to wear, and take a disco nap.

We ate dinner in a funky part of downtown L.A. that I've never explored before, the Arts District....it's adjacent to Little Tokyo, and Idefinitely need to revisit this area soon. My BFF found this restaurant called the Blue Dahlia, which serves panini sandwiches, salads, antipasto,
and a short rib burger that was so good that I wanted to slap the cook...[short rib meat stuffed with ground beef, topped with Gouda cheese...yes please!]....oh, and the Lychee Martini is highly recommended!

Many thanks to the heads up from my blogger buddy, Jim (who saw the band play on Thursday night), who warned me that the band doesn't go on for at least an hour after the stated start time of 8:00 pm...a DJ "spun" 80's music until 9:00 pm, and then Alison Moyet & Vince Clarke took to the stage.

Vince Clarke was in his standard "stand & play" mode (as expected), and Alison Moyet's soulful voice never sounded better. I was blown away by how good they sounded. The staging was minimal, but worked perfectly with the size/scale of the Orpheum Theater, which is just gorgeous!

From the moment Alison Moyet began singing Nobody's Diary, I was transported back to a very happy time in my life, and I stayed there for the next hour and a half....I'm not too proud to say that I got a little choked up at times, due to the flooding of memories that hit me with the
start of each song...[but I didn't cry].

In case y'all are wondering, I wore dark jeans, a white, short sleeved linen button down shirt, and black shoes...and I wore my hair as high as it would go...even though Jim said that he'd mock me for doing so.

Here's some pics:


dit said...

Awe! You describe it so well. I love the Arts district, we have a friend with a few "lofty" ideas over there.lol Sorry, I could not help myself.

That food looks amazing. Great photos too. I love the Orpheum too.

Nice shots of the artsy posters. You have a great eye for things mister.

Lewis said...

Wahhhh....no pics of the high hair. Or is that high hopes?

Shirley Heezgay! said...

i second that motion! high hair! high hair!

that's just as important as the show!

Mark in DE said...

Glad you enjoyed the show! Isn't it amazing how songs can conjur up old feelings and make them new again?

Blue Dahlia sounds great.

Mark :-)

RAD said...

Sounds like a good time...Your outfit sounds good too? Why no pic of the big hair? I love big hair!

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

I love Yaz, though I love Alison's solo stuff more (and she just did so much more of it) - her voice is so amazing. I saw her YEARS ago in New York City and was thrilled!

Michael Guy said...

"High hair" is coming back! OMG! I'm just trying to hold on to ANY hair!

LOVE the pics! That OBAMA poster 're-touch' is quite graphic. And I would chow that burger in no time flat. Sounds like a divoon evening!

Greg said...

That burger sounds good....

the concert looked fantastic from your pics. i love the Orpheum.

Jim said...

How funny that our photos are so similar. I too demand a high hair photo. You are such a tease! You knew we'd all ask for it when you mentioned it!!

Are you going to see them when the complete their tour in Costa Mesa (Cosra Mesca on the website) on the 24th or July? (Opening act, the Psychedelic Furs).

And for the record I was incredibly misty eyed through "Only You".

Now back to begging for a photo: HIGH HAIR! HIGH HAIR! HIGH HAIR!

Romach said...

WOW! We are big yazoo fans and I just love Alison Moyet!It sounds like you had a great time :-)

cb said...

Dammit! I wanted a pic of the hair!!