Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Art Nouveau

This is some Craziness....

...but, how would you scratch your arse with the last set?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Callate !

Over the weekend, I saw the movie Pandorum. It was a pretty good flick. I didn't realize that the critic's reviews weren't so good. I dunno, maybe I'm just easy to please. However, there were 2 things about watching this movie that I absolutely hated...crying babies & the a-hole who spent the entire movie on the phone.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that he spent the ENTIRE movie on the phone.

What the? ...Who the? ...How the?

Someone actually got up & complained, and an usher came in. As soon as the usher made his way up to the back row (where the douche bag was sitting), the chatter stopped. Guess soon as the usher left, the jackass started to yap again. So clearly, he knows that it's wrong to talk during a movie, but he just doesn't give a f*ck.

I went to the movie with my Boo (Paul) and 2 dear friends (Chris & Tim). Tim has big balls. Tim has VERY big balls. I say this because he was wearing extremely tight shorts and no chonies. I kid, I kid.....Tim has big cojones because after the usher left and the chatting resumed, Tim actually turned around and said "excuse me, would you please stop talking during the movie?" The talking stopped for a little while.

Before the movie was over, the guy left with his ho bag. Chris was smart enough to let the management know what we had to put up with, and they gave us 4 free tickets.

Maybe next time I visit this theater, I'll bring my taser with me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

La Rosa Blanca

One of the department managers, at my place of employment, gave everyone a rose today.

A few years ago, when he used to work for the same company as his wife does, he brought her 75 roses on their wedding anniversary.

Many of the coworkers complained that he didn't bring them any roses. Every year since, he brings in 75 roses and distributes one rose to everyone in our department. It really classes up my dreary gray cubicle (please disregard the vase it's in).

I asked him for a white rose, because just like me, it symbolizes purity...He snorted.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can't Fool a Fool

This past Saturday, I took my car to the dealer for its 30k mile service maintenance. The last time I took my car in for an oil change, I was told by the service manager, "Tony", that I would need to get the 15k AND 30k mile service done, in order to keep my warranty valid. I called bullshit, but just said "ok, sure".

A few weeks later when I called to set up the appointment for the 30k service, I asked "Maria" if I needed to get the 15k as well, and I was told "no, the 30k service will bring you current".

Hmm...methinks "Tony" was trying to rip me off. Then when I asked "Maria" about pricing, I was told $550.....WTF??!!...Nearly $600 for a glorified tune-up? Now it sounded like Maria was trying to rip me off too.

I called around other dealerships in the area, and Sho'Nuff, I found a dealership that only charged $390....(but with my 15% off coupon, the total damage was only $332).

To get the revenge that I was clearly entitled to, I did NOT call back the rip-off dealership to cancel my 8:00 am appointment.

Take that scammers !

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall On Me

Even though the next couple of days are supposed to be in the 90's (%$#@ !!!), I've got Fall on my mind.

Lurrrrve this porch...I could totally recreate the look...if only my 'hood wasn't full of thieves!

I wish I knew where this picture was taken...cuz, I'd like to walk right up to the front door, tear off that ugly wreath and ring the doorbell... Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

No New Taxes !!!

Please don't tax my Sodie!

Diet sodas are exempt? Oh...never mind.


Friday, September 11, 2009


"Every year on this day, we are all New Yorkers"

~ President Barack Obama~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ten Years

Today is the 10th anniversary of the day that my oldest daughter, Lauren, was diagnosed with diabetes. She was only 8 years old when the diagnosis was made.

I remember that ugly day so clearly. I had just started a crappy accounting job with a food distributor. When I got the call that Lauren was being admitted into the hospital, I told my boss why I needed to leave. She asked me (with a look of disgust) how long I was going to be gone for. I should've quit on the spot, but I gave that witch 3 more weeks before I finally quit (with a 4 hour notice).

I drove to the hospital, fighting back emotions and choking down tears. Her mother & I didn't want to show any signs of panic or fear, since diabetes is something an 8-year old really doesn't comprehend.

When I walked into that hospital room and saw my little one sitting on that bed, drowning in a sea of blankets, I just froze in the doorway. She smiled at me, and in her little voice, said "Hi Daddy"....beaming at me with that same smile that I still catch glimpses of today.

I bent over to hug her, but instead, fell on top of her and just lost it. I began to cry uncontrollably.

I cried for all of the birthday cakes she would be denied, for all of the needles she would come to know, for all of the life adjustments she would have to make, but mostly I cried for this Innocent having to suffer this damn disease for the rest of her life. Her mother had to stand me up and remind me that I was going to scare Lauren if I didn't get a hold of myself.

We know that diabetes is NOT a death sentence, and Lauren is very much in control of this disease and not the other way round...and that is exactly why every year, on this date, we celebrate Lauren kicking diabetes in the ass.

Happy (kicking) Diabetes (in the ass) Day, Baby!

Daddy is so damn proud of You!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nobody Walks in L.A.

I must be a nobody then, cause I walked in L.A. this past Saturday...Downtown L.A. that is.

First stop was Bottega Louie. I was planning on eating lunch here, but wasn't hungry when I arrived. After walking around the dining area and checking out what the patrons were eating, I've decided that I'll definitely be back for lunch. I did purchase some French Macaroons. They came in a fancy pink box that made me look sooooo gay (the bag was clear plastic).

After my sugar fix, I checked out L.A. Live...that new "entertainment campus" that's adjacent to Staple's Center. It's still very much a work in progress, so most of the restaurants are still closed. I am looking forward to the opening of the new Ritz Carlton, which is part of L.A. Live's campus. Drinks at the Ritz in 2010, for sure.

One of the restaurants that I want to check out is Trader Vic's. I loves me some tiki tiki. It was closed when I got there and didn't open until 4:00 pm. Boo!

Finally, I went on a hunt for Tim Gunn, at the FIDM campus, but he was nowhere to be found!

Downtown L.A. is really cleaning itself up quite nicely. Gorgeous lofts and condos on practically every corner!

I used to work across the street from the Staples Center, and now I don't recognize the streets that used to be so familiar...and that's a good thing!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Night Dance Party

Loving this song...Karen O's voice sounds like one part Siouxsie Sioux and one part Chrissie Hynde.

"Zero" ~ Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs