Friday, May 21, 2010

Turning of the Tide

A few weeks back, I took a hard look at myself and how I've been living over the last year. There's been a lot of destructive behaviors going on and a little bit of neglect & depression happening as well. I was also eating all the wrong things, avoiding the gym, drinking wine (or stronger) every night, and staying up way too late.

I only recently accepted the fact that beginning around last Fall, my life began to unravel. I was in a relationship that just wasn't working out, but my foolish pride got in the way, and I denied that there was anything wrong. It's a protection device. If no one knows that I'm hurting, then I'll be just fine. [Wrong].

There was also some drama in my immediately family happening around the same time period, which ended up straining and/or forever changing relationships. I became the master of keeping up appearances and wouldn't let even my closest friends know of how out of control I felt.

To get out of this funk, fix myself and all that I had let get out of control, I had to kick myself in the arse and make some (positive) changes. Over the last several weeks, these changes have affected my health (I've dropped 12 pounds), my family, and my career in such positive ways. I've reconnected with some friends that I've lost contact with, as well as, making several new friends. My family & I are closer than ever.

I've also severely cut down on alcohol consumption. I only drink on the weekends, and even then, I've limited myself to the amount and types of booze that I drink.

My love life is even showing signs of life again...That's a nice little bonus that I wasn't expecting at all (no, David, it's not who you're thinking of). I think it's curious how sometimes when you are on a mission to find someone to love, it can become the toughest search. Yet, when you're just living your life, not really seeking anyone out, the most wonderful things can happen and catch you off guard.

It's been a rough & tough several months, but really, it was a great education. I've learned that I have an amazing support system, a family that loves each other no matter what, and an inner strength that was sleeping for far too long.

Today, I can honestly say that I am happy. I'm living a life that's very much worth living. I feel renewed & in control of my life path. I'm holding my head up high, and I have to tell you, the sun feels so damn good shining on my face.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Hmm, not much going on around these parts lately. The latest interesting thing to happen (that I can share) is me attending Bear Bar last Saturday. I love BB, because you get a really good mix of mens, at these events, and not just bears. I saw 3 old friends that I haven't seen in years and I also got to meet a Facebook friend. I love it when the on-line world meets the real world.

There was one "special" gentleman at this event that I couldn't help but to stare at. He was probably in the 60+ year range, and I'm guessing that he spent quite some time choosing Saturday night's outfit. He wore: a camouflage-ish t-shirt, a short denim mini-skirt, and girl's tennis shoes that were from the 90's (you know, those really thick, double-decker soled shoes that were popular back when the Spice Girls were popular). I was both fascinated and impressed with how CLEAN the shoes were. Yeah I know, I really shouldn't each his own and all of that. He wasn't bothering anybody and just wanted to go somewhere where he could be himself and get his drink on, amongst his people...and not be judged....ahem.

Long Beach Pride is this weekend...Woo-Hoo!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Temper Trap

I'm really digging on this Aussie band right now, The Temper Trap, and especially loving this song. Man, they sound great live.

Theater Queen

Tickets have just been purchased for the musical, In the Heights, playing at The Pantages Theater, June 22 through July 11. We're going to see it July 10...I can't wait!

I was so bummed that I didn't get to see the original casting while it played on Broadway, but now I can turn that frown upside down, because Tony Award winner, Lin-Manuel Miranda, will star in the L.A. premiere of In the Heights.

It really is a shame that I live in L.A., a city where performing arts are all around me, and I don't take advantage of that like I should. It's been way too long since I've been to the theater, and I mean to change that bad behavior.

In October, I'm hoping to see South Pacific, at the OC Performing Arts Center, and then during the holiday season, West Side Story, at The Pantages.
Guess I better start saving my pennies!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Long Beach Pride Festival - 2010 Line Up

I just found out who's headlining this year's Long Beach Pride Festival, on May 15 & 16. I have no idea who most of the acts even are, but on Saturday night's main stage, A Flock of Seagulls is playing. Now that alone is well worth the $20 admission.

Sunday night is another night of *Meh*....The Ones might be worth checking out and then Martha Wash & Crystal Waters (La Da Dee, La Da Dah) are also performing.

Why couldn't we get Ricky Martin?

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Not much going on today. I had a spot of free time at work today, so I perused some of my favorite blogs and am hereby, stealing a couple of blog posts that I found of interest.

From my friend, David's blog, comes this must have, which you can get here [Click Me].

I can't remember which blog I snatched this story from, but I want a black one and a red one![Click Me].

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Looking Up at Skies on Fire

Ever hear a song that you haven't heard in awhile, a song that has a lot of sentiment & meaning attached to it, and it brings back a memory that you had pushed way to the back of your mind? Well, I just heard Planets of the Universe by Stevie Nicks...the sped up, house music version of the song, and it took me back to 2003 (2004?).

The details of this memory are still so clear and vivid in my mind. I was out on a date and we ended up at Circus Disco in Hollywood. They were spinning some serious ass-shaking music and I was dying to do my thang on the dance floor. My date wasn't too big on dancing so I spent almost the entire time up against the rail, bopping along to the music. I was hoping that a couple of drinks in my date (I can't recall his name) would loosen his ass up and get him on the floor. I was wrong, it only made him sleepy; hence, we left the club early. I dropped him off at his Hollywood apartment. He asked (through a yawn) if I wanted to come in, but I was pissed, so I declined. It was still way too early to go home, so I decided to check out this club called Spike that stayed open until dawn or later.

When I entered Spike, I could almost taste the sex. Guys were making out with each other on the dance floor, while others were grinding on each other like nobody's business. Naturally, my insecurities took over and I gravitated toward the nearest corner. It seemed like everyone there already had a partner and I was the solo single guy. After being deprived of dancing earlier (and a tummy still full of tequila), I tossed that insecurity nonsense aside, and walked right into the center of the throbbing mass on the floor....and that's where I saw him.

Also dancing by himself, was a tall white guy, who looked like a cross between Abercrombie and G.I. Joe. I "accidentally" kept bumping into him and brushing my hand against his. Whenever I could, I'd shoot him a glance to see if he was even interested. From what I could tell, he wasn't....but I was wrong. The Stevie Nicks song came on and I got down. The guy got behind me and started to dance really close to me. I coyly began to back up a little...slowly...didn't want to look (too) desperate. He moved even closer and before I knew what was happening, he grabbed my hands, raised my arms up and pushed his body up against my backside. I almost had an orgasm.

I couldn't believe that I was dancing with such a hottie. We danced for a couple more songs before we even spoke to each other. Turns out that his name was Rod...I dubbed him "Hot Rod". He told me that he was in the Navy and it was his last night in the states. He was flying out to Virginia the following afternoon, to be sent to the Middle East. He had no gay friends, but he wanted to spend his last night at home, dancing the night away somewhere he felt comfortable.

We danced & kissed (and touched) until 5:00 am...the club was still going pretty strong when we left (I think they closed at 8 am). My t-shirt was completely soaked. Before we left the club, Rod took my shirt off in the restroom and wrung it out. I'd never danced that long before. On the sidewalk of Santa Monica Blvd, just outside of Spike, he thanked me for making his last night at home "special & memorable". We hugged & kissed outside for a little while longer. I gave him my phone # and told him to call me whenever he got back.

On the drive home, I smiled throughout the entire drive. I also wondered if he'd ever call me. More importantly, I wondered if he'd make it back home, unharmed. I'm still wondering.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My May Day Weekend

Friday night, I had dinner with my friend Greg, at a funky place, in the Little Tokyo area of L.A., called Far Bar. To enter Far Bar, you walk between a narrow space, between two buildings. If you're casually walking by, you wouldn't even notice the place. The narrow walkway opens up into a courtyard, with white lights strung overhead. There are a few tables along the walls, a small enclosed bar, and at the very end of the space is a huge projector, for watching sports. I think that there were a couple of sofas too, that were near the projector screen.

Loco Roll at Far Bar

The food was incredible (small menu that mostly offered sushi rolls), the drinks were perfect, company was hilarious, but the service was awful. Had to ask for water a few times. There was also something odd about ordering drinks here. They required us to hand over a credit card, before they would serve us drinks. I have a feeling that this policy is in place, because so many people have probably dined and dashed... which I was very tempted to do, after waiting forever for the check to arrive.

Saturday night I finally saw the movie, Kick Ass. It was exactly what was needed, after having an awfully stressful day. I loved the movie. I have a feeling that we're going to be seeing a lot of Halloween costumes this year, from the movie's characters. Hit Girl is my new hero!

Sunday, I celebrated that my neighbors who live(d) in the back house (I live in a duplex) have moved out. I used to get along with them, but the last 6 months they've been working my nerves, with their constant complaints whenever any of my friends or family would park in the shared driveway. I am deeply saddened that I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye to them.....not!

Anybody looking for a 2 bedroom 1 bath house, in the Belmont Heights area of Long Beach, let me know. I hear that the neighbor in the front house is fookin awesome!