Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My NYC Visit

Here's a breakdown of what I did during my (way too short) NYC visit...this is gonna be a long post.

  • Arrived in NYC around 4:00 pm....got to the hotel around 5:00 pm (stayed in Chelsea).
  • Saw Spring Awakening at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre @ 8:00 pm.
  • Ate dinner at Pigalle @ 10:30 pm...crazy fast service & excellent food (I had the skirt steak).



  • Walking tour of SoHo, Nolita, & Tribeca @ 10:00 am...this was great, as it was just my friend Les, the guide & me.
  • Lunch at Ideya in SoHo for some Cuban/Caribbean food (grilled salmon, salad & plantains for me). For real: their batidos (cold drink made with your choice of fruit puree, milk, coconut cream, nutmeg & rum) are a must....slurp!
  • Shopping in SoHo...bought some Dunnys & a mousepad at KidRobot.
  • Disco napped due to the sudden rain.
  • Happy Hour at Honey in Chelsea ($5 martinis!!)...this place just opened last August, so they're still working on building up its clientele...this place is the epitome of NY cool...I'll definitely be back.
  • Dinner at Birdland (a jazz supper club) @ 7:00 pm & the performance @ 8:30 pm.
  • Drinks in Hell's kitchen were had first at Posh Bar and then some more boozing at Therapy.


KidRobot Store

Honey Bar - Chelsea


  • Breakfast at Room Service Restaurant in Chelsea...really affordable, tasty food (for two breakfasts & 2 mimosas, the bill was under $24)...what a great find!
  • Walked around Central Park to work off breakfast, and to make room for lunch (hot dogs, warm peanuts & a diet Pepsi)...I loves me some warm nuts!
  • I wanted to feel like a big shit shot so we tried to get our afternoon drink on at the bar in the Park Plaza, but dammit, it's still closed due to renovations....so we sashayed on over to the Ritz-Carlton instead, for some white wine & some satay...this hotel is gorgeous...I want to stay here just for a night, but I'll have to steal someone's credit card first....I tried to snap a few pics in the restroom (which was bigger than our hotel room) but kept getting interrupted...if you're ever in the area, do yourself a favor & check out the restrooms...gorgeous!
  • With my hotel hopping fetish in full swing, I wanted to check out the Hudson Hotel...we walked right past the front door, as you don't really notice it & there isn't any signage...I vote for having the next BBHH at their outdoor rooftop patio/bar...this hotel is uber chic/cool (like me!)
  • Boy Blogger Happy Hour at XES @ 5:00 pm.....the highlight of my trip!
  • The BBHH after party (Rey, Billy, Daryl, Les, & me) moved onto Barracuda and didn't end til around 2:00 am.
  • Grabbed dinner at some pizza joint around 2:15 am....not good, I know, but the pizza was damn tasty (like me)!

Room Service

Central Park - The Mall

Park Plaza

The Star Lounge @ the Ritz Carlton

The Star Lounge @ the Ritz Carlton

The Hudson Hotel - Registration area

The Hudson Hotel - Outdoor Bar


  • Overslept and was running late for our trip to the Cloisters...was supposed to meet up with Eric for lunch, but blew him off (sorry Boo!)...it's amazing how secluded you feel from the city up on that hill...beautiful....since time was an issue, we didn't get to spend as much time here as I'd like.
  • Saw Hairspray at 2:00 pm....no time for lunch, so I literally shoved a corn dog in my mouth while waiting in line....and I can hear you all giggling!....I loved Hairspray...the best part was when Jim J Bullock lost it, during a song with the mother (played by Paul Vogt) and couldn't stop laughing...the audience went nuts! Lance Bass played Corny Collins and was actually pretty good (but then again, I'm easy to please.....mmmkay?)
  • Spent some time window shopping 5th Ave...I can't believe that Mexx (one of my favorite clothing stores in NY) has closed up shop in the U.S. (boo!)...for shits-n-giggles, we went into Bergdorf Goodman to giggle at the price tags...then I used their loo to take a dump...told you, shits-n-giggles!
  • Walked right past Missy Elliot on 5th Ave, with her entourage carrying all of her bags from Fendi & Gucci....she was sporting jeans and a turquoise blue sequined hoody (hood over her head) with a lollipop in mouth.
  • Checked out the Top of the Rock at dusk...we were there at the best time with perfect weather.
  • Dinner at Colas in Chelsea...great Italian food at very reasonable prices.
  • Disco napped before heading out to the East Village to go bar hopping with Rey where we checked out: Urge (the go-go boys here are yummy!), Boysroom (saw Cazwell), Phoenix, and then Nowhere Bar (loved the 80's music they were playing)...then we grabbed a bite to eat (cheeseburger) and got back to the hotel just before 5:00 am!!!

The Cloisters

The Cloisters

Taken from Top of The Rock


  • Overslept again & almost missed checkout....had to cancel brunch plans with Rey, but will have to make it up to him someday.
  • Packed like a madman & had a car drive me to the airport to take me back to reality...boo!

NYC Souvenirs!


dbv said...

the hudson is my favorite... on the 15th floor has private outdoor bar for the guests that's not to be believed... i need to go to NY now, you've made me need a fix!!! lol!!! sounds like a blast!!!

M- Filer said...

AAAhhh memories. I really miss that fuck'in place!

Christian said...

Looks like fun!

Steven said...

So, basically you ate and drank non-stop for your whole trip? LOL.

Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

You're damn right you owe me brunch, bitch! :-p

Friday and Saturday were so much fun, but I beg to differ... Those gogo boys at Urge were gross. And if I had to sit there and wait for you and Les one more minute and be badgered by their grossness, I was gonna go house on you guys.

WAT said...

I have never been to NYC.

I know, I'm such a loser!

It looks so boring though!


Jim said...

Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I am going to Manhattan this weekend. It's for a friend's birthday party and all my time is already spoken for. Not even a Broadway show will fit in.

Oh well, I'll still get some good friend and good food time in.

franck said...

Hairspray is my favourite! Well, and Avenue Q.

Anonymous said...

Looked like you had so much fun! Glad you got a nice Vacation. Also loved the pics. you need to get a Flickr account to share more or send them to me and I will put them on mine for you! Good times though from what I see and makes me want to go someday....Never been there myself!
Hope your not working too hard back at work....xoxo

Greg said...

I'm exhausted justing reading all that!! Glad you enjoyed yourself!!

lexxicuss said...

I'm so sorry we didn't get to meet. I didn't connect the trip to XES with your visit to NYC.

At least you had the opportunity to 'wear the bitch-out' on your let's cheat death march through the city.

He' not joking guys, you can't n come here and not include all Billy's stops, from chelsea to the bronx or Skanky Strippers to the Cloisters!

Maybe next year??????????

Christopher said...

dbv: I know it David, my mouth was open the entire time!

Steven: Word!

Rey: those were Go-Go Men...not boys...I should know, I felt their wee-wees, but yes...so much fun thanks to you!

Wat: yeah, it was pretty much a snoozefest....NOT!

Jim: too bad our timing wasn't better...have fun!!

Franck: Ave Q is at the top of my list for things to see next.

Paul: I have a Flickr account...I think...and yes you need to go to NYC...maybe I'll bring you along the next time.

Greg: I called in sick on Monday, as I was totally exhausted.

Lex: I'm the one that's sorry...I should've made it more clear...definitely next year then!...and those strippers were hot, beefy, but not skanky!

ccb said...

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Crazy Eddie said...

Oh damn. Sorry I missed you. New York is frickin' amazing and there's an endless amount of things to do.

Just think, you could've done it all with me...



Robert said...

Great pictures Chris!! But I think your readers want to see more of YOU! Well at least I would like to.

And Paul is so nice! Say, have you guys talked before? ;-)

eliot said...

NYC is my fave city. I try to get there once a year since it is a quick flight for me. I knew you'd have no problem getting that corn dog down your throat. Hope you use the souvenirs soon ;)

RAD Homo said...

WOW! Long... but thanks for recap -- I feel like I went to visit too!! Very cool...Now I need to get in gear and visit NYC too-Im hoping this spring. Looks like an great time!

Eric said...

Too bad you actually brought those souvenirs home as opposed to used them. ;-)
The Cloisters...definitely one of my favorite spots in the city!

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Sounds like you had a great time - how could you not in NYC? Being from Philly, I have spent a lot of time there, and I have family in Brooklyn and on the Upper West Side. Isn't Hudson the bomb? I stayed there when it first opened...it's a hot hotel. Now I really do want to look into moving there when I get done my PhD and am looking for a teaching job! Great pics!

Jules said...

Wow!!! That was an awesome trip!!! So happy to see you met up for the NYC happy hour with the boys!

Jules said...
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TCho said...

geez. I haven't heard of a ton of these places, and i've lived here for 8 years. how embarrassing

Kris said...

Mannn, I forgot to look this over before we went to NYC.. The weather was really bad though, so we didn't get to walk as much outside.

You've GOT TO see Avenue Q. Saw the touring act and the Broadway show and it never fails to crack me up!! I soo wish they'd put it out on DVD.